The Tuesday of Twos

Motivation can be hard to find sometimes … in my case this morning it was non-existent. I lay in bed after staying up too late and contemplated excuses not to get out of bed and go to my very first ever body pump class. I was tired, my back hurt, etc etc. Sometimes you just gotta do it. Aside from workouts I’ve injured myself I’ve never regretted a workout.

So I found the will get out of bed and have breakfast #1 baked oatmeal ( I nixed the banana’s because I had none and added a TBSP of carob powder for a chocolate taste and put a big scoop of natural pb on top) that I made yesterday  and get my butt to the gym. Only to arrive and find out that the instructor decided they didn’t want to get out of bed either. Oh the irony.

So I figured I was there and may as well make the best of it and went for 30 minutes on the elliptical. I watched TV and read a magazine, 30 minutes was over before I knew it but I still didn’t feel any better. It wasn’t a great workout but even still I’m glad I did it. I cut myself some slack and decided I was tired and that 2am was not an appropriate bedtime last night. Tonight I will get to bed earlier and have a better workout tomorrow.

The best thing I can do for myself when I have a bad workout is to promise myself I’ll do better tomorrow. In either case I went grocery shopping and came home and had breakfast #2 an apple and a slice of cheese.

This was followed by some work and then lunch #1 half a piece of leftover rice and chicken bake. Then I decided to stop being so gloomy and be happy about my day so went and sat on the deck for some more work. It was 20 degrees outside and all that sunshine put me in a much better mood. I just came in for a break and put this together because I was hungry again (excuse the camera phone picture):

Egg white sandwich: I just microwaved a 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites for 90 seconds then put it on top of a few slices of natural ham and whole wheat bread and topped it with a slice of light provolone and buffalo sauce. Mmmmm. This is super versatile just make the egg white and top it with whatever you have on hand!

Why of have 1 of anything when you can have 2? Back to the deck, sunshine, and beautiful day I go!