A City of Runners

So I am currently in Toronto Airport waiting to board my flight home. I had an amazing time while I was here in Toronto. The weather was beautiful, the restaurants and bars were great, and the shopping was out of this world! Every time I come to Toronto I have a great time, mostly because 2 of my good friends live here now. However, I find and I am sure many would agree that Toronto for all its greatness could be known as the city of impatience. I am from St. John’s, a city where the doors are always held, everyone smiles at you, there’s generally no shoving, and if you have a question that a Newfoundlander can answer they’re more then happy to ramble on for 20 minutes to you. In Toronto I found many (not all) people to be pushy, impatient, and unwilling to help out a lost traveller like myself. I get it, it’s a big city.


On Sunday morning I decided to go for an early morning run down Bloor Street. The weather was ideal, warm but not too hot and very little wind. So I headed out with no plan and just ran for the love of it. The city was quiet and beautiful and I stopped a few times to snap a couple pictures.



Spot the CN Tower in the Background


I was running a while without many people around when I started to see a few runners and I noticed every time one would pass me they would smile. I took notice because it was the first time a stranger had acknowledged my existence since I got there. It wasn’t just one or two of them either it was every single one of them. Like I had joined a club that only the runners of Toronto could be a part of. I don’t cross paths with many runners in my area in St. John’s so it was nice to see evidence of the tight-knit running community in a big city. It was also a great way to see the city in a new way then I normally would.

So I only completed one run while I was in Toronto but I walked over 70,000 steps in the 5 days that I was there according to my pedometer so I did a whole lot of walking which was a nice change as well as break for my knees. I will be back on track tomorrow with a plan for the rest of the week.


Other then walking and running around Toronto I experienced lots of other fun and exciting things:


The shopping:  I went to  Vaughan Mills mall and this was the pile of stuff that myself and James brought back with us. I went to lots of great stores that I can’t go to at home including the illusive Lululemon Outlet store, yes one exists! I got a sports bra and running shots for 60 dollars….AMAZING!



The Nightlife: We went to lots of little bars and pubs around Toronto. I just loved sitting out on a patio enjoying the warm nights! The above shot is from a bar we went to last night.


Myself and James


Myself and Jess

The Food: We went to tons of local restaurants and pubs around downtown Toronto that I loved but I didn’t photograph anything. I decided to just enjoy the food and not worry about blogging about it later but it was fabulous. However, I did snap a pic of my very first bubble tea. I had watermelon and it was delish!



All in all a great work trip / vacation. I just love Toronto and city life! I am looking forward to getting home though, I love to travel but nothing beats home!


Check back tomorrow for this week’s work out plan!