A Birthday Dinner

Thursday night a group of us went to The Keg for a friend’s birthday dinner. I normally don’t love chain restaurants but I actually enjoyed the food at this one. The service; however, left a lot to be desired but lets focus on the food. I started off with the French Onion Soup:



It was a little too salty but otherwise very good. I really loved the combination of Swiss and parmesan cheese on top. It was pure comfort food. For my main I had the Spicy Thai Chicken with rice:



It blew my mind, I normally get steak at The Keg because it’s a steakhouse but I am normally disappointed with it. So this time I opted for the chicken and I’m glad I did. The chicken was marinated in a spicy sauce and covered with peppers, snap peas, and onion. It was served with a side of mayo based chilli sauce and rice. I really enjoyed it and I was incredibly full by the time I was finished. Overall a great meal with great friends! I apologize for the dark cell phone pictures I forgot my camera at home!


Do you ever have good experiences with chain restaurants? What ones?

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