Monday Mantra: Squeaky Clean

So first an update on last week, it was to put it lightly an epic fail. Well maybe not epic but definitely a fail. I didn’t do my research and rather then give excuses it just didn’t happen. I was more mindful of watching myself in the mirror when I was doing body pump for form which is good, but really I need to do some research so I can actually have some idea if my running form is even near what it needs to be. That was basically the majority of last week’s goal and I just didn’t do it so I’ll have to try and take some time to do that. Moving on!


Monday Mantra Seven: Squeaky Clean

I don’t know if you noticed or not but I pretty much plan my whole life. You’ve probably caught on to my obsessive ways by now. Anyways I think being organized is the key to success it’s also the key to gettin’ sh*t done. So I figured after an inspiration from Catlin learning to organize my cleaning would make a great mantra. I love to cook, bake, and do home improvement projects but I hate cleaning with a passion. There is nothing fun about dishes, laundry, mopping the floors etc. But it’s gotta get done. So I’ve decided to try the do a little a day method. Here’s the plan:


Tuesday: Clean kitchen

Wednesday: Bathrooms

Thursday: Wash floors

Friday: Dusting and overall tidy (aka put everything back in it’s place)

Saturday: Laundry

Sunday: Vacuum

Monday: Tidy Bedroom and office

So that is the plan. You’ll notice it starts tomorrow because I am basically asleep as I write this post and I need to go to bed! I’ll see how this works for a week and decide next Monday if it’s a method I want to stick with in the future.


In other news I made this for dessert tonight:



Go make it NOW! AMAZING! I also had my nails done today and now they look like this:



They remind me of the 80’s,  I feel the need to wear a scrunchie! So this has been a very random post, enjoy your week! : )