A Week In Running

I am past due for a training update … my apologies. I had a bad week last week! The running went great the cross-training did not. I have had an awful lack of motivation lately, running is coming mostly easy but the rest of it not so much. I won’t say much about last week except to say that I am glad it is done!! Smile 


2011-08-20 13.20.35

I can’t WAIT for weather like this!



This week I decided I needed to shake things up, I decided me and my friend the elliptical needed to take a break. It was to the point that I was dreading getting on it and what’s the point in that? Cross-training is super important so I decided to switch things up and tomorrow I’ll be heading back to spinning. I am super excited for a change in pace! I also switched up my running route this week. I have been running in a new area around work that I really like and get this, I have been running up the hills on this route. I enjoy a good hill challenge!


I always find March to be a rough month, close enough to spring that you can taste it but still too cold to believe winter is over. I guess my lack of fitness motivation is spilling over into the blog. I’ve been MIA a lot lately but I am going back on a regular blogging schedule now that my motivation is returning, slowly but surely!


I discussed race options with my friend the running coach last week as an effort to kick start my motivation and it looks like my first race will my a June 8K. I am not back in racing shape yet so no April race for sure, we’ll see what May brings. I’ll be getting back into regular training in about 2 weeks. Currently I am in the post-injury return to running phase. It’s been great but I am ready for a challenge! Bring it. Smile


I am going to leave you with this quote that sums up my last couple of weeks well, from Kristin Armstrong’s Mile Markers:


“Running is no different then any other close relationship. We have our fair share of love/hates. We have our times of passion and our times of plateau. We have times of connectedness and times of parallel lives. We have times of courting and times of commitment. Like all significant relationships, we have to nurture and respect the union if we want it to stand the test of time. Like all significant relationships, it is always worth the effort”


Anyone else have issues with motivation in March?

How is your training going?

When is your next race?

How do you shake up your routine?


An Indulgent Weekend

So I had a wonderful labour day weekend. Lots of fun, relaxation, and running! I ended the weekend with a wedding Sunday night. It was lovely, the bride was stunning and I had a wonderful time. I also took my camera and when I got there realized that my memory card was in my computer, blogger fail. So you’ll just have to take my word that it was a lovely time.

I spent Monday catching up on housework and life. I didn’t blog my workout plans because my friend the running coach is on vacation and is only sending me a couple days of plans so I followed them and I am awaiting my next couple days. If you’re really interested in what I’m up to check out daily mile . Rest assured with a race on Sunday I am running as much as I can!

So I had an indulgent weekend now it’s time to get back on track. My running results were good last week, however everything else was not. I usually don’t  find it difficult to get out and run. Running to me is as natural as breathing and I love the feeling I get from it. But now that I am basically running outside all the time it’s near impossible to get me into a gym for Body Pump and Yoga because I have to actually show up at the gym to do those. I love them once I am there but it’s getting me there that’s the battle. I swear I am going to Body Pump tomorrow, I am posting it here so I am accountable. Here are last week’s results, I moved my rest day and read Thursday’s workout wrong and ran only 20 minutes:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) 20 min 32 min 20 min 30 min 35 min 55 min Rest
Class  Yoga PC Body Pump Yoga PC  Body Pump   Yoga  
Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Miles) 1.77 3.38 2.21 2.21 REST 3.58 5.05
Swimming (meters)              
Total Miles this week: 18.2            


It was a good week for running but a fail on everything else including my Monday Mantra. However, I did do yoga yesterday so not a total fail. This week’s Mantra will be plain and simple another getting back on track week, finding motivation, and prepping for Sunday’s race.


I’m in need of a suggestions and motivation, how do you stay on track?

Getting Back on Track

This has been a really odd week for me in terms of exercise. Ever since I graduated I just cannot seem to get into some sort of routine where I go to the gym. My last year of university I had a very strict schedule of when I would go for a run, strength train or go to Pilates. My days were literally scheduled by the hour. I was either in class, working, at the gym, or studying. Now that I have all the free time in the world (almost) I can’t seem to get it together to go for a run.

I have always considered myself a type A personality. I am all about being organized, scheduling everything, and making to-do lists. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then to cross something off my list! I think that even though I don’t have a schedule anymore like my university one maybe I should still have a few things scheduled everyday like the gym so I actually get those things accomplished?

Maybe I should even list my planned workouts on a separate page here to keep track. May not be such a bad idea. Anything that keeps me accountable will help keep me balanced and hopefully get me back on track.

In other news my sweet tooth is certainly getting its share of balance I made these last night for my family and friends and there is now 1 left in my kitchen calling my name. They were amazing, so good in fact that I added them to my menu for my 25th birthday party! : ) Try them – you won’t be sorry!