Monday Mantra: You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything

So the plank challenge? Was a big fail. Though my back has improved today, so I’ll take whatever wins I can get at this point. That’s life, plans are meant to be broken! Lesson learned.




I get some of my best inspiration from Pinterest, I swear this site is both the biggest time waster as well as best thing ever. Anyways I saw this quote and I thought it would make a good Monday Mantra. More and more I feel like I take on too much and never have time to do the things that I truly want to do. I figured this week it might be nice to do something for myself! How nice of me right? Smile 


This week every day I am going to take some time and do at least one thing for myself that I enjoy. Could be anything really from reading to going to a movie! Maintaining a healthy stress level is a huge part of living a balanced life. I figure doing something for myself everyday, besides exercise, will help me maintain a healthy stress level. I think we all try and do too much. Spreading yourself too thin is good for no one, mostly yourself!


Join the #MondayMantra movement, what’s your goal this week?

Do you feel like you take on too much? How do you deal with it?

What’s your favourite thing you do, just for you?


Monday Mantra: 5 Thankful Things

First of all an update on last week, as I posted about various times last week I rested until I was ready to climb the walls. I had planned on yoga and didn’t even do that because I didn’t want to risk it, so I was very good about taking it easy! My physiotherapist who thinks I have an exercise addiction should be proud. I headed back to training today by going for a 40 minute swim and it was amazing to feel the endorphins again! Smile I’m always happiest when I exercise!


Monday Mantra: 5 Thankful Things


I read a great post earlier in the week from Angela about writing down 5 things everyday that you are grateful for. I loved the idea! I know I am guilty myself of having a tendency to focus on the negative rather then the positive in my life. I like to consider myself a fairly optimistic person but it can be so easy to fall into that trap of negativity from time to time. I feel like focusing on negativity isn’t good for anyone, I also feel like I’ve been doing it myself a little too much lately. Especially when it comes to my injury. I think using this mantra as way to change my thought process and be a more positive person will be good for me as well as everyone around me.



I always love reading the thankful Thursday posts that Ali writes about each week and I figured it would be a nice idea for me to try it every day for a week by writing it in my journal. So that’s what I am going to do this week for my Manta! I’ll start right now, here are 5 things off the top of my head that I am thankful for today:


1. Swimming pools – to allow us injured runners to exercise!

2. Cake – always a great way to carb load. Winking smile 

3. A good book after a long day – nothing better then losing yourself in a great novel.

4. Fireplaces – great to read next to.

5. Coffee on a Monday – enough said. Smile 


What’s one thing you are thankful for today?

Do you fall into the negativity trap sometimes? How do you stay positive?

(All images from my beloved pintrest Smile  …. which I am also thankful for!)

Monday Mantra: Rest Up


Getting my nails done in Valentine’s colors today was the highlight of a gloomy Monday. I wrote out my training plan yesterday, it has now been scrapped after I went to physiotherapy today. I have a compensation injury going on which means an injury on one side is causing the other to compensate and then I present with pain. So the plan this week is lots of physio, physio exercises, yoga and REST! Hence, why it’s my mantra this week!

When I asked my physiotherapist about exercising this week she looked at me like I was crazy and maybe I am a little. She told me normally people have to be begged to go to the gym. I told her I haven’t met a normal runner yet. Haha I know I’ll be climbing the walls come midweek I’ll probably even miss the elliptical, but I need to do follow the rules and take the week off, so that’s what I’ll do.

How do you stay sane when forced to rest?

Do you change your nails based on the holiday? What’s your fav color?

What was your workout today? I’ll live vicariously through everyone else!