The Best Of Intentions


I’m alive I swear…this has been my view the past 4 nights straight. I’ve discovered that taking a course right after graduating university, no matter how well intentioned, was a bad idea. I need a break and will be taking one for a little while after this term. I will return to working towards my masters one day but that day is not right now. My Exam is tomorrow night, regularly scheduled posting to resume then, miss you all!!

In My 25th Year….

24 was a great year for me. I finished my last work term and started my last year of undergraduate studies. I got a great job managing a newspaper I love and made some great friends. I traveled the most I ever have in one single year:

  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Labadee, Haiti
  • Falmouth, Jamaica
  • Georgetown, Grand Cayman
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Toronto, Ontario

I got a scholarship and made the Deans list. I FINALLY graduated university with 2 degrees and I consider that alone to be one of the biggest accomplishments of my 24 years.  Ì started running and fell in love with yoga. I bought my first car all on my own. I spent my first Christmas with Bruce in our house. I started The Balance Project. Smile

It has been an amazing year.

As you can probably tell I am very goal orientated and I have many goals that I hope to achieve. However, I have a few specific ones for my 25th year.

In my 25th year I want to …

1. Run my first real race.

2. Visit a city I have never been to before.

3. Treat myself to a spa day.

4. Catch up on my scrapbook.

5. Take a hot yoga class (probably in another city unless someone can find me one here).

6. Cook outside my comfort zone…including more dairy free deserts I can actually eat.

7. Save up a third of the money for our second home down payment.

8. Finish putting all new windows in our house.

9. Finish my Certificate in Public Administration (one course to go!).

10. Take human resources professional development courses and go to networking events.

11. Get to my healthy (not happy) weight and maintain it.

12. Visit my family more.

13. Start the small consulting business I have been working on.

14. Learn to sew.

15. Double my strength training weight.

16. Learn how to change a tire.

17. Hike to the spout.

18. Go camping in Gros Morne.

19. Make blueberry jam.

20. Weed, clean, and re-organize our 3 flower beds.

21.Read at least 100 books of all different varieties.

22. Improve my photography skills (see: cellphone pictures below).

23. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy then watch the movies.

24. Master driving a standard.

25. Worry less and enjoy the moment more.

My day was just perfect. The sun was shining and I enjoyed my day to the fullest! This afternoon before our dinner out I enjoyed a moment to myself on the deck in the sunshine with a glass of wine while Bruce showered.  I am having a party here Saturday night with friends and family so tonight I just wanted to have dinner with Bruce, relax, and enjoy my evening!


We had dinner at the Gypsy Tea Room and it was amazing. They brought us a bread basket first with the softest bread ever and served it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and goat cheese. I also started off with a beer – a white ale. It was warm so the beer hit the spot! I started with vegetarian spring rolls with a spicy chilli sauce.


For my main I had the tenderloin, asparagus, and roasted potatoes which was served with a red wine au jus.


It was so yummy, exactly what I wanted for a birthday dinner! I was too full for a big dessert. However, I was craving an iced coffee and wanted a little something sweet so we headed to Starbucks and I got a mini peanut butter cupcake! It was divine and just the perfect size.


All in all a great day, I am off to relax!

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