October: Consider THIS Your Warning




Let’s have a chat about this graph shall we? Now don’t get me wrong, September has been a lot of fun. Ran my first race, one of my closest friends got married, Bruce celebrated his Birthday, and I ran a little. But I was injured and because of that when my mileage should have been increasing significantly…it wasn’t. I blew August out of the water in terms of training and my plans for September were just as aggressive but it just wasn’t meant to be. So there’s a new plan in town and it’s call lets make October awesome.


I went to physio yesterday and discovered that alignment has been my issue all along, which is great because it is fixable! My right knee is supposed to be in line with my second toe and instead it turns in so I have a list of exercises I have to do to train it to be in line again. So I will be doing my exercises and continuing to run including my race on Sunday. Though for the time being I have to do the run 5 walk 1 method. Which is fine by me because I’d rather heal this injury and get it over with!


So that being said October will be a month of increasing mileage (running, elliptical, & arc trainer), swimming, biking, yoga, and body pump/weight training. I have been all over the place this last month with both training and cooking healthy so it’s time to get my focus back and really show this month what I’m made of! So get ready because October is going to be great! : )