A Winter Activity

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet for a few days. I have a reason, I did something really stupid and then I got really cranky about it for a good 2 days. I’m over it now, kinda. I started my plank challenge Monday and did great with it for 2 days, on Wednesday when I did my plank in Body Pump I let my form go out of exhaustion and let a slope form in my lower back. I know better then this, I felt the pull before I could correct my form. I’ve been on the heating pad ever since trying to make the pain go away. I swear to you I am cursed. Just as I get my legs in working order I do something stupid. Anyways I haven’t worked out since and I am hoping the soreness is gone by Sunday. End of story.


So we have a huge Nor’easter on the way to our little island. The snow will be starting shortly and is expected to last into early Sunday with blizzard conditions so we’ll be stuck in the house for the rest of the weekend. This is storm number 3 for us this week so we have tons of snow! So with that in mind we decided tonight to head out for some weekend fun as we would be stuck in the house all weekend. We started the night off at Boston Pizza to celebrate 2 of our friends birthdays with Pizza and wings!


After that we met up with some other friends for night-time cross-country skiing in the local city park. It was the first time I had done it and it was so much fun. I am not much of a winter activity person, I like skating but usually only go once a year if I am lucky. That’s about the extent of my winter activities, I know I am Canadian but I prefer to curl up with a book inside rather then be cold. That being said I really enjoyed cross-country skiing tonight!






It was a gorgeous, clear, and calm night. I worked up a good sweat as well once I got going. I will admit I am not the best at it, unlike most people I know I’ve never downhill skied and I am nervous of even the smallest of hills. I fell on every single hill tonight except the last one, I was starting to get the hang of it by then. These hills are so small downhill skiers would laugh at them I am sure but they were tough for me! Anyways despite my falling I really had a blast with friends enjoying a winter activity! Who would have known I’d have fun in the cold. Smile




After we left the park we hit up Starbucks to warm up and then stopped by a friend’s party. Generally after working all week my Friday nights are really low-key but tonight was so much fun and such a wide variety of activities! I am glad we got out of the house to enjoy some of the weekend. I would say any minute we will see the start of the snow. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning, reading, and blogging! Smile


For the locals: I skied in Pippy Park which offers night-time skiing and snowshoeing Friday and Saturday from 6-10, rentals are $4/hour. I will be trying snow shoeing before the winter is over!

Do you enjoy winter activities?

Do you fall when you ski downhill?

What are your weekend plans? Any weather headed your way?

Monday Mantra: Rest Up


Getting my nails done in Valentine’s colors today was the highlight of a gloomy Monday. I wrote out my training plan yesterday, it has now been scrapped after I went to physiotherapy today. I have a compensation injury going on which means an injury on one side is causing the other to compensate and then I present with pain. So the plan this week is lots of physio, physio exercises, yoga and REST! Hence, why it’s my mantra this week!

When I asked my physiotherapist about exercising this week she looked at me like I was crazy and maybe I am a little. She told me normally people have to be begged to go to the gym. I told her I haven’t met a normal runner yet. Haha I know I’ll be climbing the walls come midweek I’ll probably even miss the elliptical, but I need to do follow the rules and take the week off, so that’s what I’ll do.

How do you stay sane when forced to rest?

Do you change your nails based on the holiday? What’s your fav color?

What was your workout today? I’ll live vicariously through everyone else!

Training Recap & Workout Plan Jan 16 – 22

This week was going great up until Thursday when I felt the pain of my track workout. This week  is going to be about getting into my doctor and physiotherapist and finding out what is going on with my leg. Ill keep you updated. Here are the results from last week:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Miles) 4 3.61 3.98 5   4  
Swimming (meters)              
Other   Yoga       Body Flow  
Total Miles this week: 20.59            

Monday I did an elliptical workout early in the morning, I managed 4 miles in 40 minutes. It was a great way to kick off the week. Tuesday I was on the treadmill for 3.61 miles in 40 minutes. Both runs were meant to be easy, mile-building runs. I thoroughly enjoyed each of them! I did yoga when I got home Tuesday night and recapped how much I enjoyed it here.


Wednesday I went to do my track workout which was a warm up then intervals of high-paced 200’s and then a cool down. I did my 2oo’s between 00:56 – 1:03 which I was so proud of. For the first time in months my legs felt fine, I was on cloud nine. I did 3.98 miles in 47 minutes.


I woke up Thursday and my left leg didn’t feel right, I did 50 minutes on the elliptical. Another mile-building workout. Friday was a rest day and I was in agony the entire day. Saturday was supposed to be outside hill training and due to my leg I switched to the elliptical which I was fine while on it and went to yoga. Yoga was great, I missed being in an actual class so much even though I  couldn’t do all the moves that required balancing on my left leg.


Sunday (today) after much internal debate I decided to rest. I am going to try and get to see my physiotherapist either tomorrow or Tuesday and hopefully find out what’s going on. I spent all day today being angry that I couldn’t head out on this gorgeous day, brutal.


Workout Plan Jan 16 – 22


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)         REST    
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 30 min 30 min 30 min 35 min   41 min 30 min
Class      Yoga Body Pump   Body Flow Body Pump


Myself and the elliptical are going to be BFFs this week, lucky me! My friend the running coach has stopped my running until I get my injury checked out. As long as I get clearance from my physiotherapist I am going to actually go to Body Pump this week, I missed Thursday and then took today off so it didn’t happen this week. I think strength training is one of the reasons I keep getting injured so I have to get back at it. I may trying spinning one day as well instead of elliptical if I get clearance but we’ll see what happens! Hopefully I get some good news from the physiotherapist tomorrow! Now I am off to elevate my legs and cross my fingers.


How was your training week?

Anyone race? How’d it go?

How do you train through injuries?

Stronger Than Before

I think I may be injured again, I cannot believe I am back here once more. After Wednesday’s track workout I felt fine. I got up early on Thursday and did an elliptical workout and my left leg almost felt like there was a catch in the hip (my ITB injury is in the right leg). I don’t even know if that’s an accurate description but it’s tough to describe. Progressively my leg felt worse through Thursday and terrible yesterday. As I did last time I hoped it was soreness, however, I can pretend all I want I know the difference.


Today I can barley walk on it, it feels like my quad could give away any second and stairs are my worse enemy again. I had a hill workout and yoga planned for today. I went to yoga and had to skip any pose that required me to put my weight on my left leg. I’d just go into Child’s pose or downward dog as the instructor moved through the exercises I couldn’t do. I am sure people thought I was crazy but I am not about to risk making an injury worse, I know my limits.


After that I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, my leg felt fine during the workout and it feels fine other then when I have to do unsupported movement like walking or stairs. It’s the weight shift that causes the pain which is why running is painful but the elliptical isn’t. I have figured that much out from paying attention to it today. So I have come up with a few potential issues that could have caused this and some hopeful solutions:


1. My legs aren’t strong enough yet for high mileage: Without fail my mileage goes up and I get an injury because I skip strength training when I hit higher mileage. So I need to increase my glute and quad strength to support my high mileage runs. I planned Body Pump for twice this week and missed Thursday’s because I worked 12 hours and I am supposed to go tomorrow. I plan on going but being careful. I need strong supportive legs that don’t fail me during high mileage.


2. I need new sneakers: One of my resolutions was to have a professional fitting done by a podiatrist and I actually made an appointment for this week to see my doctor to get a referral to one. I know running stores do fittings but I have heard great things about a particular podiatrist in town so I figured I’d get a professional to take a look and see what my issues may be. My current sneakers have hit their 500 mile limit anyways so it’s time for new ones. I will be taking care of that this week.


3. My old injury isn’t fully healed and now the other leg is compensating:  I am not a doctor or physiotherapist but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you are training through an injury that isn’t healed you may potentially cause the other leg to pick up the slack and then injure the good leg. This may or may not be what happened but I will have my doctor check it out this week and then probably head back to physiotherapy.


I am absolutely at the end of my patience with my legs. I know every runner goes through these issues at some point but I figured that my ITB issues were almost healed and I would have an injury-free 2012 running season. I will hopefully figure out what’s going on early this week and come up with a plan of attack. I am not sure how this will impact my training plan, I still haven’t told my friend the running coach so I will see what his thoughts are but I have a feeling me and my friend the elliptical will be bffs this week. Sigh.


I am a runner, I love to run and the most frustrating part of being injured is that I don’t get to run. It’s also really frustrating to hear opinions from people who don’t run that don’t get it and will say things like, “see I told you running is too hard on your body you should just stop”. Injuries happen, you could be injured doing any form of physical activity in reality. I know running has a higher reputation for injuries then some sports, I get it. If it was easy everyone would run a marathon, it’s not easy, it’s a challenge which is why I love it. It’s also why I will heal this injury and be stronger for it, or at least my legs will be.


2012-01-08 14.30.50

Anyone ever experience a quad/hip injury? Help?

What was your workout today?

Suggestions for leg strengthening? 

Anyone experience back to back injuries, how did you get through it?

And Then I Got Injured

Almost 3 weeks ago I ran my first race ever. I was in the best shape of my life …and then I got injured, I tweaked my IT band. I am getting back on my feet but my training plan last week was basically scrapped, I still worked out but it was altered big time … if you follow me on daily mile you can see the results. I feel at this point I am about 80% recovered.


So I have a 5K this weekend that I am not sure yet if I am running or walking but will be doing either way! If you’d like to donate to the Run for the Cure there’s still time, it’s a great cause and every bit counts. I start physiotherapy Thursday so stay tuned for results. So because I was sidelined from training at probably the best time of year (weather wise) I have learned a few lessons on how to cope with an injury:


1. Consult a professional early – The first thing I should have done is head to physiotherapy. I resisted because I have gone through physiotherapy before and I really didn’t have a great experience. However, they know what they’re doing (if you can find a good one). They are also able to get you back on your feet quicker and that’s the main goal!


2. Find alternate sources of exercise – After talking to your doctor / physiotherapist they should be able to provide you with a different means of exercise. For me I have been on the elliptical, back in the pool, and cycling (for the first time ever). Not only does this keep your aerobic fitness high it also allows you to get back to cross-training. Which if you’re injured you’re probably not doing enough of anyways, I know I wasn’t!


3. Catch up on your life – Training takes up a lot of time, especially when it requires fitting in 2 workouts a day. Take advantage of this time to actually have energy to catch up on the things you have been meaning to lately. I’ve been catching up on reading and housework all week so I have been productive and I feel better about that. Though as usual I still have tons to do!


4. Reach out to the running community for advice – I have been taking every piece of advice I have gotten from the running community through Twitter, other blogs, and twitter chats such as #fitblog and #runchat and finding out more! The support and advice I have received has been invaluable if you have any other advice please leave a comment!


5. Know that this to shall pass – My friend the running coach told me that you aren’t officially part of the running club until you get one of these nagging injuries and that once your healed you’ll be better for it. I couldn’t agree more, I now know my IT band is a problem area so I will use whatever advice I get from my physiotherapist to ensure it doesn’t get injured again. I will also cross-train, do yoga regularly, foam roll, and strengthen those muscles!


All so I can get back to where I want to be….here:


2011-09-26 19.13.02


How do you deal with an injury?