1 Mile, Marvelous News & Workout Recap

Well I don’t know about everyone else but I have had one great week, especially the last few days. I thought after the great Monday I had it called for a Marvelous Monday post! : ) 



Bruce and I both had our Christmas parties Friday night and it was such a fun night. I had a great time at both parties, it really got me in the Christmas spirit! 



Then on Sunday I ran for the first time since Aug 26, I was so happy! On Tuesday I got clearance from my physiotherapist to try and run 1 mile. So on Sunday I headed out, I didn’t stop once and you could not wipe the smile off my face. Just 1 mile but every second was incredible. When I got back I had 3 ideas just randomly pop into my head about something I had been working on the night before for a friend proving once again I get all my best ideas while running! 



Finally, today I found out I passed the National Knowledge Exam for Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRP). I worked really hard studying for this exam so I am so happy I passed. I am officially a CHRP Candidate and once I have enough experience in about a year and a half I will officially be a CHRP! This has long been a professional goal of mine so I am glad that I passed on my first time writing the exam, it was a lot of work but worth it. That letter in the mail made my Monday Marvelous! 


Workout Recap

On Monday I went to body pump, didn’t change any weights this week but still loved this class, as usual followed it up with almost 3 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical. Tuesday I did 6 miles in 60 minutes on the elliptical in the early morning while watching my new favourite show Scandal. This was a progression workout and the last 5 “hard” minutes were brutal. Wednesday I headed to spinning class which was not as good as my usual Thursday class but still was a good workout. Thursday I went to the gym with the plan of elliptical and body pump and then the power went just as body pump was starting so I did 1.5 miles in 15 minutes on the elliptical and that was the end of that. I rested Friday and Saturday due to the above mentioned parties and Sunday I ran and I smiled! : ) 


How was your workout week? 

Any Scandal fans? 

Tell me one great thing about your Monday!