Monday Mantra: Finish a Book … or 4

First an update on last week! I actually couldn’t believe how well I did with this for a mantra that wasn’t actually doing anything. I caught myself more then I care to admit on the verge of making a comment that would be considered gossip and thought to myself “I promised myself this week I wouldn’t”. And you know what? I felt like a better person for it. Gossip is okay in small doses, but I know myself I indulge far too much. This mantra allowed me to really step back and think before I spoke. Hopefully, I formed a habit from this goal and gossip less and think before I speak more.


Monday Mantra Nine: Finish a Book…or 4

One of my 25 for 25 is to read 100 books of all different kinds. Well, I currently have 4 books that I am reading. One fun novel and 3 work books from our office book club and past office book clubs. The all over the place with my reading is driving me crazy and I need to just sit down and get through these books. I really enjoy each of them … for very different reasons but I just need to get caught up because unfinished things drive me crazy! The fun novel I am reading is The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. I am almost finished it and I love it.



What are you reading right now?


Monday Mantra: Don’t Gossip

So first an update on last week, it went not so well. Mostly because of commitments that came up throughout the week. Sometimes that’s how my weeks go! So I am going to try it again this week and really give it the attention it deserves. Clutter and untidiness drives me crazy so I know that but putting the time in to stay committed to keeping the house clean it will help a lot with my level of mental anguish around the whole thing. So that’s Monday Mantra number one this week!


Monday Mantra Eight: Don’t Gossip


This is the first time I have really taken on a mantra that wasn’t actually physically doing something. But this one is important to me. I sometimes wonder about the effect gossip has on my life and those around me. While I would never consider myself a total news bag (a newfoundland term) I know I am far from perfect and can gossip with the best of them! It’s something that adds no value to my life or to those around me and I feel like eliminating it as much as possible would be better for me as a person! I know it’s impossible to take all the gossip out of my life but I am going to try my best to step away from gossiping when I can and be more mindful of the things I talk about.


What do you think of the effect of gossip on your mental well-being?