Last Friday Night

It’s the long weekend and I for one couldn’t be happier to have a few days to rest, relax, and of course run. Yesterday evening after work I was exhausted and thought I would be in bed before 8, I really do live a thrilling life. haha Instead we decided at the last minute and by last minute I mean 8pm to hit the highway and head out of town. So we headed to Fox Harbour, when we got here Bruce’s family was sat around the fire. Next thing I know it’s 2am and I’ve drank a bottle of wine. Not at all what I thought my Friday night would be. We had many laughs though so I am glad I managed to keep my eyes open that late!



More of this tonight I’m sure, that’s what summer is for and now that September has arrived and fall is on its way we’d better enjoy it while it lasts. I went for a 3.58 mile run this morning around the harbour in the blazing heat. I wasn’t enjoying all that wine I drank then, but I pushed through and that’s the important thing!


What are you weekend labour day plans?

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