Nautilus Provincial 5k Recap – My First Race

So today was a very exciting day for me. After about a year of training and over 2 months intense training, I ran my very first race. It was on my list of things to do in my 25th year and I accomplished it early on. Leaving plenty of time for more races this year! Winking smile


So last night I laid out all the things I would need for my race: outfit, race registration, iPod, Spibelt, and hairbands & ties. I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything! I didn’t actually end up wearing the shorts below because it was a chilly 7 degrees Celsius so I opted for cropped pants.



I didn’t sleep well last night because of a combination of nerves and excitement. I got about 5.5 hours sleep which was not near enough but adrenaline and excitement helped. I got up bright and early for an energy-packed breakfast of banana oatmeal. In the mix was 1/2 cup raw oats, soy milk, water, chia seeds, banana, and a big scoop of natural pb.



Bruce and I left the house around 7 and headed to race kit pickup at City Hall. When I got there I got even more nervous because everyone looked like an elite athlete to me. I got my race bib – lucky 930!



So this is when things got a little unlucky. Bruce and I left City Hall and headed to what I thought was the start of the race. Turns out we actually headed to the turn of the race (it was out and back). Lucky we had plenty of time and managed to get to the start but apparently I need to learn to read maps and instructions better!


Finally, we made it to the start of the race and they told us all to get to the start line. I beelined it for the back because I didn’t want to get in the way of any of the elite runners. There were some pretty hard core people there! Once I did make my way to the back I discovered that I wasn’t the only one running my first race. The girls I met were really nice and I was glad I wasn’t alone in my nervousness. Before I knew it the gun went and the race began (I’m in black and grey behind the girl with the pink jacket)!



It was a perfect day for a race, no winds, sunny, and cold REALLY cold. But it worked out well because there was no chance of overheating. haha The race route was in downtown so it was really scenic and I was surprised at how many spectators there were along the route. The volunteers along the route were really great as well – they yelled encouraging things as you went by which I loved.


I ran all the way to the turn without taking any walking breaks but after the turn I had to take a few short ones. My splits were really good though according to my GPS:

Mile One: 8:49

Mile Two: 10:10

Mile Three: 8:30

I remember thinking to myself I can’t wait to see the finish line to see what time I’m at and as I got within distance of it I noticed the numbers on it made no sense. Apparently it reset itself when the gun went off and they couldn’t fix it so they were logging the times manually. Anyways I finished strong and according to my GPS at 29:07, as I said I started it early so that means I should come in somewhere in the later portion of 28 minutes but they haven’t posted the official times yet so I’ll update this when they do. I have been checking all day!


All in all I loved my first race. My goal was under 30 minutes and I know I accomplished that. I really enjoyed the entire race and the encouragement that came from the spectators, other runners, and volunteers. I’m already looking forward to my next 5k in less then a month and perhaps another race I am considering in November.


My friend the running coach was there to cheer me on and he actually filmed my finish so when I get that I will post it on the blog! Thanks to everyone who tweeted or commented advice and encouragement the last few days – it meant the world to me!


After 7 straight days of running tomorrow is a rest day so I’ll post workout plans then!

Update: Official time was 27:56 

What was your first race experience like?