Adventures at 35,000 Feet

So as I write this I am flying above the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Toronto. I left yet another foggy and drizzly day in Newfoundland. Soon as we rose above the cloud line in St. John’s I saw the sun for the first time in a few weeks. What a beautiful sight it was.



I needed to get out of St. John’s if for nothing more then to escape the weather. That much drizzle and fog really starts to have an impact on your mood after a while and not in a good way. So I am on my way to Toronto now for meetings all day tomorrow for a board of directors I sit on and then the rest of the time I am there is vacation. I normally would come back on Sunday but I have 2 friends of mine living there now so I wanted to spend time with them and of course Toronto is one of my favourite places to visit! So I figured I have lots of vacation to use up so may as well extend a trip that I’m not paying for!


So I am flying with West Jet for the first time ever. I have flown strictly Air Canada when flying in Canada my whole life. Not because I like Air Canada or have had great experiences but because frankly no one can compete with them on price. Anyways due to the time I needed to get a flight (I worked this morning) and the fact that I booked 2 weeks ago I couldn’t get a flight with Air Canada so I ended up with West Jet.  I had heard great things about  West Jet so it was fine with me. Turns out West Jet is Air Canada … but you have to pay for the movies. No joke, I have flow lots of American Airlines and I have never seen a TV with a credit card swipe on it to pay 7 dollars for a movie. That’s beyond ridiculous to me, you’d think with the cost flights West Jet would spring for free movies.


I’m not sure what I was expecting I knew West Jet couldn’t be that different but I had heard tales of singing flight attendants and amazing customer service. I asked for an aisle seat when I got to the airport so I could get up every 30 minutes and walk around to prevent blood clots (I have a blood clotting gene) all they could offer me was the back seat which doesn’t recline and is next to the bathroom. It’s fine I’m actually happy because I have no one sitting next to me. But I just didn’t get the WOW customer service I had heard about. However, I did get a whole seat to pile my things on.


Yes my purse is a second piece of luggage, thankfully no one caught on to the size of it. hahaha I also got a whole open section to throw my carry on next to me:




WestJet also offers the same overpriced sandwiches that Air Canada does. I had hoped to pick something up either last night or today to bring with me so I wouldn’t be forced to eat this garbage but my work dinner went late last night and I didn’t have enough time between check-in and boarding today to get something so I was forced to eat this:




I have a cliff bar and an apple in my purse so that will suffice until dinner tonight. Anyways when this gets posted I will (hopefully) be safe on the ground in Toronto manoeuvring my way to a subway. I didn’t mean to make this a post of complaints, trust me I am thankful there is a way to get halfway across the country in 3 hours. I have a flight credit from Porter to use I’ll have to try them out next time and report back, at least they offer free booze. haha That’s got to make flying more bearable!


Update: So I just finished up this post and started reading my book when a flight attendant wandered by and noticed my copy of Runner’s World on the seat next to me. She struck up a conversation with me about running and asked me about the different races in Newfoundland. We chatted about the World Airline Race that West Jet participates in. In all my years of flying I don’t think I have ever had a flight attendant take notice of something as small as a magazine and strike up conversation with me. Well done West Jet, your flight attendant (Betty) may have just changed my opinion of your airline.