T – 3 Days to Race Day

I’m alive! I’m alive! Grad school has been sucking up all my free time, but I promised to pop by when I could so here I am. The last time we spoke I was just running lightly, well fast forward 5 months and I am in depths of half-marathon training and have my first big race of the year in 10 days, the Tely 10. My most favourite race of all time (not that I’ve run many) but I love the course and the support on the road!





Training for this race hasn’t been easy, between school, a trip to Pennsylvania/New York to visit family and Toronto to see Taylor Swift, and trying to come back slowly from my injury to 10 miles has been trying. My trip in a few pictures:



Chautauqua, New Yorkย 


Toronto Island, Torontoย 


Glass Floor CN Tower, Toronto


CN Tower, Toronto


Taylor Swift, Toronto

Overall, I have been coming back slowly and I have been doing it SMART! I have been alternating running with other activities, strength training, foam rolling, stretching and physio exercises. I am also not running this race with a PR in mind, I want to finish and I have my eye on my goal race of a half-marathon in September. So I still have 8 weeks of training to go for that following this race!


So here I am 3 days out from a 10 mile race and the furthest I have run is just over 8 miles. Last night I did YIN hot yoga to stretch, I have a massage booked tomorrow, and 2 easy runs to go. I am excited but ready for this race and if I don’t PR I will just be happy to finish. That being said, as any runner, I still have a secret time goal in mind. I’ll let you know next week if I achieved it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyone else running the Tely or another race this weekend? How has your training been?ย 

Random Thoughts


So much snow, ya just got to love Canadian winters. It just keeps coming and coming, we had snow today and more on the way this Saturday. I don’t even remember the last time I ran outside it’s been that long. I just can’t even consider running out in this weather. The roads aren’t cleared enough to accommodate me and the cars so I’ve been seeing a whole lot of this: 



Though I did manage to embrace winter a little last week by going cross country skiing with the girls where I fell … a lot. Only I could possibly manage to fall constantly while cross-country skiing, I’m not the most balanced human being and there ARE hills in cross-country skiing! 



Last week I also attended my high-school’s 9 year reunion, apparently no one I graduated with can count! Kidding, it was just a gathering, or something? Anyways all that matters was that it was a fun night out with 3 girls that have stuck with me 9 years out of high school and for that I am thankful and also feeling VERY old. 



Since my last training update, in the last 2 weeks I have ran / ellipticaled (is that a word?) 21 miles, did body pump 4 times and spinning 2 times. I chose to be okay with that for now because winter and grad school has turned me into someone who never wants to leave her house! My training will pick up eventually and I am still working my way through physio. I am happy just to be working out at all. : ) 


I have discovered Mod Cloth in the last few weeks and I. Am. In. Love. I ordered a dress on there for a formal party I have in March for work and I can’t wait for it to arrive!


I made this for dinner tonight and it was so so so good. In addition to not wanting to leave my house the past month I have become obsessed with my slow cooker. 


I need to clean my google reader and I NEED new blog suggestions, so I ask you: what’s your favourite blog? 

Training Recap + My Race Calendar for 2013

I had a great week of training last week! ๐Ÿ™‚ I increased my running just slightly, every little bit counts right? Anyways lets get right to it! 


Monday – 4.8 miles elliptical (interval) 

I got home late after class Monday and still hadn’t squeezed in my planned workout. I was exhausted and by this point it was almost 10 but I decided no excuses and turned on Private Practice and got my intervals done. I was glad by the time I finished and passed out shortly after. The life of a graduate student, eh? 


Tuesday – 0.98 miles treadmill, 4.4 miles elliptical, and Body Pump 

One of my usual 2 hour Tuesday sessions that I have a love/hate relationship with, I love how I feel when I’m done but it’s rough pushing through 2 hours at the gym. I upped my body pump weights with the hope that I would be sore in a good way the next day. I guess I didn’t lift enough because I wasn’t sore at all. 


Wednesday – Spinning 

I love this spinning class, it’s in the morning and the instructor is great! This one had a tough final track, my favourite tracks are the speed tracks but the last “mountain climb” was rough. 


Thursday – 4.8 miles elliptical and body pump

I increased my weights again from Tuesday with the hope of again pushing myself to some great muscle soreness the next day. Again I was fine the next day though I felt like I was fatigued at the end of each set. Anyways Ill keep trying to push out of my comfort zone.


Saturday – 3.7 miles treadmill (interval) + Ball Squats and Core work 

 This run was supposed to be outside but we got another 15cm of snow Friday night so I missed hot yoga and had to run inside Saturday as the roads weren’t totally cleared yet. Anyways the run went well but I am counting the days until summer! : ) I also did some weighted ball squats (see pic below for example BTW that is not me), I have been trying to do them lately to help strengthen my weak glute muscles from my back injury and adding in additional core work (planks) to help speed recovery as well. 




Friday & Sunday – Rest 


Total Miles – 19 

Total Strength – 2 classes + my own core/squat work 

Total Yoga – 0 (have to make sure that doesn’t happen this week!)

Ah so very true, I am taking it these days one mile at a time! : ) So after some Googling I have made a tentative race schedule. I will probably add in a few other smaller races and I may potentially move my first 5K out a few weeks if I don’t feel ready as well. 


Tentative Race Schedule – 2013


April 14 – Flat Out 5K

July 1 Weekend – Run For Freedom 8K 

July 28 – Tely 10 (10 Miles)

Sept 20 – Huffin’ Puffin Half Marathon 


What does your race schedule look like this year? 

How was your training week? 

Resolution Run 5K, New Year’s Eve and 2013 Goals

On New Year’s Eve I ran the Running Room Resolution Run 5K with Bruce’s sister and my friend Sarah. It was a great way to kick off the new year! ๐Ÿ™‚ I ran it for fun due to only starting running again 3 weeks ago but I still managed to put a little bit of a push on towards the end. I didn’t love the course, apparently it was different last year but I found it had too many turns and it was a double loop which I hate. I don’t know the official term for it but we had to come back to the start and do the loop again which is mentally draining. I also stepped in a puddle during the first loop so my right foot was cold and wet the entire time. Anyways I finished in 33:23 which I am happy with given the circumstances. I don’t think I’ll be doing this race again next year though. I didn’t love the course and then when I finished I was in too much of a rush getting ready for New Year’s festivities. BUT I love the idea of running on New Year’s so I will probably just run my own Resolution Run in the morning. : ) 



My New Year’s Eve consisted of an amazing meal (tenderloin and tons of sides) and champagne and fireworks with friends and family. It was my favourite New Year’s yet. : ) 


2013 Resolutions 

This year I have decided not to have a huge list of arbitrary resolutions but just a few main things I really want to accomplish and work on. 

1. Run a half-marathon 

2. Strength train twice a week 

3. Yoga once a week 

4. PR in the 5K 

5. Blog consistently 

6. Unplug more, connect in real life, reduce stress and just enjoy every second. (should be easy right?)


So here’s to 2013 and just hoping for a healthy happy year! : ) 



What did you do New Year’s Eve? 

What are your goals for 2013? 

Anyone run a New Year’s Race? 

2012 – A Year In Review

How is it possible another year has gone by? I am mind blown at how quickly this Christmas has gone by and now it’s New Year’s Eve again. Wow. It’s been a great year – but I will say there have probably been more ups and downs this year then ever. If I could sum it up in one word – BUSY! If I could change one thing about this year it would be to slow down, not that I didn’t enjoy every moment but it would have been nice to breathe once in a while. : ) With that being said lets take a trip down memory lane and look at some of my favourite moments and review the resolutions I made last year


Crossing the finish line at the Tely 10 – this was a huge goal of mine for many years and I am so glad I finally did it! 



Our trip to Florida and Cruise around the Eastern Caribbean – probably the only time this year I was semi-relaxed. haha


Turning 26 years old – I am officially over half way through my 20’s. But it sure was a great birthday!


Best party I threw all year – Bruce’s 30th Birthday “A Roaring 20’s Gala”. I put so much into this party and it was a BLAST! 


Aside from finishing the Tely, the Run for Freedom 8K was also another race I loved. 


One of the best meals I had all summer was the Lighthouse picnic – we actually did something touristy at home for once and I really enjoyed it. 


Passed my NKE for my Canadian Human Resources Professional designation! YAY! 

Got into graduate school! : ) 

Fell in love with hot yoga….it was one of the few times this year I was able to relax and breathe. 



Like I said it was a whirlwind of a year! Now lets review my resolutions I set last year: 

1. Run a half-marathon – Not Achieved. 

The longest distance I achieved this year was the Tely 10 and I pushed through that injured. After the Tely I tried unsuccessfully to keep it up but my injury was too far gone at this point and I stopped running on Aug 26. I made some changes and did a whole lot of physio and got the okay to run again on Dec 9. It’s been a long road but I am happy to say I am feeling great now and hope to achieve this goal in 2013. 


2. Guest blog – Not Achieved. 

I was a slacker this year on my blog! I had lots of guest bloggers myself but never took the initiative to guest blog for someone else. I hope to continue blogging more in 2013 but I know I will never be a daily poster. I just need to develop some consistency! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


3. Heal my IT band fully – Achieved. 

I put in a lot of work to get my back and legs healed this year. I learned to love my foam roller and strength training and I am happy to say my IT bands benefited from it! 


4. Have a professional sneaker fitting – Achieved. 

This was something I am so glad I did and encourage every runner to do! I love my asics and just ordered another pair a few days ago. 


5. PR in the 5k – Not achieved.

I am running a 5k at 5pm this evening – my last race of 2012, the Resolution Run! That being said I am not expecting to PR due to the fact that I only started running again 3 weeks ago. My goal this evening is to have fun and run with friends. This is the only 5K I signed up for this year, 2012 was the year of the injury(s). I am hoping this race kicks off a great year of running for 2013. 


6. Get my own blog domain that doesn’t end in .wordpress – Not Achieved. 

Not achieved but working on it – will hopefully happen next year. 


7. Organize and clean out my office – Achieved. 

This lifted a lot of mental weight off my shoulders to get this accomplished before starting school next week. I can’t work in clutter and now everything is organized. 

8. Go meatless once a week – Achieved. 

I didn’t keep a record but I think I accomplished this for sure and hope to continue it into 2013. I really feel like taking meat out of my diet once a week is great for my health and I also have some other nutrition changes I’d like to make in 2013. 

9. Try a new fitness class – Achieved. 

Spinning and hot yoga – both of which I am now in love with! 


10. Attend at least one professional development event – Achieved. 

I attended several and became a CHRP candidate. In professional development this year, I kicked ass. 

11. Run 1000 miles – Not Achieved. 

After today’s race I will have run 395 miles. If you include elliptical miles then I did a total of 691 miles. Given my injuries and having to take over 3 months off, Ill take it. 



I achieved over half my resolutions which I think is pretty good! I have a lot more goals I want to accomplish next year. I know 2013 will be a great year, I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me. I hope YOU have an amazing New Years and spend it with those you love. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years and I wish you all the best in 2013. ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Did you accomplish all your goals in 2012? 

What are your resolutions for 2013? 

It’s Never Easy

I wish I could say this time off from running has been easy, but it hasn’t. I thought I’d be off for a month maybe and now it’s been 3 exactly (my last run was Aug 26). I had a really bad few weeks leading up to this past week. Unfortunately my physiotherapist got sick and was put off work for 2 months so in the last 3 weeks I hadn’t seen anyone and then was switched to one of her colleagues who wants to take an all new approach with my back injury. I left the appointment frustrated not because I had to switch physiotherapists, but because of my lack of progress. 


I thought about it a lot that day and decided I could be upset and frustrated or I could make up my mind to see the brighter side. My new physiotherapist assured me that this is fixable, but it’s an old injury and old injuries are never easy to fix. Clearly the other approach wasn’t working for me so it’s a blessing in disguise that I get to see another person with a fresh perspective. I am still not allowed to run because my back is still unstable, so I could keep whining about that or I could use this time to do a bunch of different workouts and have fun. I hate the elliptical but I know it’s a necessary evil if I want to maintain fitness but I can also use this time to cross train. I have been doing that since August but it’s just I thought by now I’d be back to running. I’m not and that’s disappointing so I slacked off the last few weeks but not anymore. After my appointment last week I got my act together and had a great week of workouts. No one ever said healing a 7 year old injury would be easy, but I know in the end it will be worth it. 


Monday I did an easy elliptical workout for 3 miles in 30 minutes while watching TV, my favourite way to get through elliptical time! Tuesday I did a 4 mile in 40 minute elliptical progression workout again while watching TV, hey whatever it takes! Wednesday I attended my first aqua jogging class and it was actually a great workout, I take back all jokes about water aerobics classes! It was a lot harder then I thought it would be so I was happy I tried it and will be back for sure. Thursday I went and spun my heart out at spinning, I pushed myself and felt great. Friday I woke bright and early for a interval session on the elliptical and did 4 miles in 40 minutes. I forgot how much I love working out in the morning, I feel like it starts my day on the right foot. That night I attended my favourite hot yoga class, it was a great start to both a fun and productive weekend. I got a LOT accomplished this weekend and had a lot of fun, I rested both Saturday and Sunday and I am now ready to take on this week, bring it. : ) 


This week’s plan:  

Mon: 30 – 40 min easy elliptical + Body Pump 

Tues: Progression elliptical

Wed: Aqua jogging class 

Thurs: Spinning + Body Pump 

Fri: Interval elliptical + hot yoga 

Sat: Walk or easy elliptical 

Sun: Rest 


How was your workout week? 

Do anything fun the weekend? 

Hot (Yoga) Love

A while back I mentioned that I had finally tried hot yoga and that I would be blogging about it. Well I thought now was a fitting time to write the post as I have finished my unlimited month and have continued attending classes at least once a week since then! I have been attending hot yoga at a Moksha studio here and St. John’s. I absolutly love it and have learned so much about myself from practicing hot yoga, here are just a few of the many things I have learned over the past few months: 


You can never own enough towels – honestly I can’t believe the dramatic change in the amount of towels I go through since starting hot yoga.

Being present – one teacher in particular really makes you think with the things he talks about during class mainly during shavasana he talks about letting go and just being there in the moment and by some miracle I am able to just that. 

Relaxation is key – I used to go to yoga to stretch out my muscles from running, I now go to get a little peace and quiet during my hectic week. For that time I am completely relaxed and enjoying the quiet and the moment. 

Sweating has never been so cleansing – I never knew how clean you could feel after sweating THAT much. 

My hips are insanely tight – no matter how many times I stretch them they are still tight. Therefore I have decided my favourite poses are pigeon and thread the needle. 

I’m not as good as I thought I was – doing yoga in 40+ degrees makes it a lot harder. I always thought I was flexible but this has been an incredibly humbling experience for me. I struggle and it’s hard but I am okay with that, it’s a judgement free zone in the studio. One day I’ve mastered something and the next day I am back to square one with it, it’s always a work in progress which is what makes it so challenging. 

It has made living with a running injury bearable – it has actually helped my back in my opinion in terms of developing my core strength and weak glutes. Aside from the physical benefit I also I have a lot of anxiety about not being able to run and I have found redirecting the energy into yoga has helped me come to terms with the fact that I am injured, but that as with anything this to shall pass. 

The most important thing I have learned from hot yoga is to just relax and make time for yourself. I now view yoga very differently then I did a few months ago, I find it takes away all anxiety and just relaxes me entirely when I leave. I feel like a better person, ready to take on whatever may come my way. 


Have you tried hot yoga? Any particular style? 

What is your favourite pose? 

A Spooky Time

Last night we hosted our annual Halloween Party last year’s was such a success I couldn’t wait to do it all over again! We decked the house out in full Halloween decor and I spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking up some spooky delights. 


I made guac with a spider web of greek yogurt: 



My pumpkin cheeseball, pumpkin donuts (though I won’t share the recipe because I haven’t perfected it yet), bat wings, mummie dogs (hot dogs split in half and wrapped in crescent rolls to look like mummies with eyes dotted with chili sauce), and halloween bark (recipe below). The food as usual was a hit, everyone really seemed to enjoy it. We all had so much fun and there were so many great costumes. I went as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Bruce went as a western bartender. 



Everyone had such great costumes, we had a big turn out so overall it was a really fun night! Today was spent cleaning up and recovering, a sign of a great night! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Halloween Bark


  • 2 bags of semi sweet chocolate chunks 
  • 10 golden oreos chopped
  • 15 – 20 pretzels chopped 
  • candy corn (20ish pieces)


Melt 1 bag of chocolates in microwave stirring every 30 seconds until melted. Spred melted chocolate out over a parchment covered cookie sheet. Press chopped oreos and pretzels into it and then place in freezer until hardened. Melt second bag of chocolate and pour over top of first layer, then press candy corn into the chocolate and freeze again until hardened. When done break into pieces by hand! 


Workout Plan Oct 29 – Nov 4 

I started a bootcamp with work last week that I am loving so far! Also still haven’t been given the all clear to run, maybe this week with any luck! 

Mon: Bootcamp 

Tues: Elliptical (interval)

Wed: Bootcamp 

Thurs: Swim + Body Pump 

Fri: Elliptical (progression)

Sat: Elliptical (long)

Sun: Yoga 


How did you celebrate Halloween this year? Did you dress up? 

How was your workout week? 

Anyone ever participate in a bootcamp?