T – 3 Days to Race Day

I’m alive! I’m alive! Grad school has been sucking up all my free time, but I promised to pop by when I could so here I am. The last time we spoke I was just running lightly, well fast forward 5 months and I am in depths of half-marathon training and have my first big race of the year in 10 days, the Tely 10. My most favourite race of all time (not that I’ve run many) but I love the course and the support on the road!





Training for this race hasn’t been easy, between school, a trip to Pennsylvania/New York to visit family and Toronto to see Taylor Swift, and trying to come back slowly from my injury to 10 miles has been trying. My trip in a few pictures:



Chautauqua, New York 


Toronto Island, Toronto 


Glass Floor CN Tower, Toronto


CN Tower, Toronto


Taylor Swift, Toronto

Overall, I have been coming back slowly and I have been doing it SMART! I have been alternating running with other activities, strength training, foam rolling, stretching and physio exercises. I am also not running this race with a PR in mind, I want to finish and I have my eye on my goal race of a half-marathon in September. So I still have 8 weeks of training to go for that following this race!


So here I am 3 days out from a 10 mile race and the furthest I have run is just over 8 miles. Last night I did YIN hot yoga to stretch, I have a massage booked tomorrow, and 2 easy runs to go. I am excited but ready for this race and if I don’t PR I will just be happy to finish. That being said, as any runner, I still have a secret time goal in mind. I’ll let you know next week if I achieved it. 🙂


Anyone else running the Tely or another race this weekend? How has your training been? 


A Snowy Weekend + Training Recap

Well we had a huge snowstorm hit us Thursday evening, 48cm of snow fell (though was supposed to be 70 – 100), combined with high winds and blizzard conditions it was a bit of a mess. Friday we spend digging out, the entire city was shut down and we lost our power for 25 very cold hours but survived curled up in blankets and played board games. It wasn’t all that terrible but I was glad when it ended and we got our power back! 🙂 








Other then the snow I had a pretty good week of workouts. I missed hot yoga Friday night because of the snow but other then that everything went as planned. Monday I did 2.95 miles in 30 min of intervals on the elliptical before my first official graduate school class. Tuesday I ran 1.36 miles in 15 minutes on the treadmill and then 2.9 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical after a body pump class. My muscles were heavy for sure after that. Wednesday I went back to spinning for the first time since before Christmas, I went to a morning class so it was a great start to my day. Thursday I squeezed in a workout before the storm, I had 60 minutes planned on the elliptical so I got ready for boredom with my iPad with Runner’s World and a great playlist and did 6.63 miles. Friday – does snow shovelling count? haha Saturday when we finally had power back I headed to the gym to run an interval workout that I planned to do outside but instead due to weather had to do on the treadmill and did 2.9 miles in 37 minutes of walk/run intervals. Sunday (today) I did a body pump class that I loved, though I think next week I would like to up my weights again and make it a little more challenging. 



I read an interesting article about goals for the year in Runner’s World and it said you should have 2 primary goals for the year for your training. Mine are a PR in the 5K and running a new distance, the half marathon. I am trying to decide what my race calendar will look like this year and started doing some searching. Anyone have any opinions on what order I should do them? Go for the 5K first or the HM? Any locals have any suggestions on races to consider? 


How was your workout week? 

What’s your race schedule like this year? 

1 Mile, Marvelous News & Workout Recap

Well I don’t know about everyone else but I have had one great week, especially the last few days. I thought after the great Monday I had it called for a Marvelous Monday post! : ) 



Bruce and I both had our Christmas parties Friday night and it was such a fun night. I had a great time at both parties, it really got me in the Christmas spirit! 



Then on Sunday I ran for the first time since Aug 26, I was so happy! On Tuesday I got clearance from my physiotherapist to try and run 1 mile. So on Sunday I headed out, I didn’t stop once and you could not wipe the smile off my face. Just 1 mile but every second was incredible. When I got back I had 3 ideas just randomly pop into my head about something I had been working on the night before for a friend proving once again I get all my best ideas while running! 



Finally, today I found out I passed the National Knowledge Exam for Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRP). I worked really hard studying for this exam so I am so happy I passed. I am officially a CHRP Candidate and once I have enough experience in about a year and a half I will officially be a CHRP! This has long been a professional goal of mine so I am glad that I passed on my first time writing the exam, it was a lot of work but worth it. That letter in the mail made my Monday Marvelous! 


Workout Recap

On Monday I went to body pump, didn’t change any weights this week but still loved this class, as usual followed it up with almost 3 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical. Tuesday I did 6 miles in 60 minutes on the elliptical in the early morning while watching my new favourite show Scandal. This was a progression workout and the last 5 “hard” minutes were brutal. Wednesday I headed to spinning class which was not as good as my usual Thursday class but still was a good workout. Thursday I went to the gym with the plan of elliptical and body pump and then the power went just as body pump was starting so I did 1.5 miles in 15 minutes on the elliptical and that was the end of that. I rested Friday and Saturday due to the above mentioned parties and Sunday I ran and I smiled! : ) 


How was your workout week? 

Any Scandal fans? 

Tell me one great thing about your Monday! 

Christmas and A Workout Recap Nov 26 – Dec 2

I’ve had a busy start to the Christmas season, I would say my shopping is half done (which never happens) and this weekend we got the tree trimmed and the decorations up while having a glass of wine and watching Elf last night. 



Today we enjoyed a Christmas brunch before our local Christmas parade. My house is actually on the parade route so each year we have family over to watch and this year we had brunch. I made oatmeal raisin cookies, hash browns and bacon and egg cups and everyone brought something to munch on with them. 




After we were full we headed out in the driveway to enjoy the parade and await Santa. 🙂 Our parade is just for our small community outside the city so Santa is actually my uncle, he has been Santa since I was a child and I was always amazed that Santa knew my name during the parade! Well Bruce’s niece got the same excitement today when Santa called out to her by name, I think she was in shock! haha 



Like any good parade we came inside after and warmed up again with hot chocolate. What a yummy and fun afternoon! : ) I had a great weekend and a great week, despite the busy season I got most of my workouts in! Monday I went to body pump and then did 2.93 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes. I love my Monday routine, it’s the only time during the week where I don’t mind getting home late from the gym after work because I always have such a great workout. Tuesday I did my progression workout on the elliptical in the morning and did about 4 miles in 40 minutes. Wednesday we got our first snow storm of the season and I of course didn’t have my snow tires on so I wasn’t going anywhere. We had a beautiful fall so I can’t complain, but I feel like it hasn’t stopped snowing since. Thursday was spinning and as usual the Thursday class was awesome! Friday I started my day with 5.15 miles in 52 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals and then headed to body pump where I increased about half of my weights. I am really trying hard to push myself in body pump and spinning these days, makes it more interesting! I went to hot yoga that night but class was full when I got there, isn’t that the worst? I spent the rest of the weekend resting. : ) Great week, here’s hoping this one is just as good. I already have 3 Christmas parties and dinners to attend so I have had to alter things a little. 


Monday: Body Pump + Elliptical (easy) 

Tuesday: Elliptical (progression) 

Wednesday: Body Pump + Aqua Jogging 

Thursday: Spinning 

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: Elliptical (interval)


How was your workout week? 

Anyone have any Christmas fun this weekend? 

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? 

A Resolution

I am still alive 🙂 It has been a crazy few weeks and continues to be insanely busy! Between work, a very big exam, birthdays, celebrations, working out, and many other things I have barely had time to sleep in the last month. I am loving every second of it though and just enjoying the ride. 


Despite my insane life the past month I have not been slacking in the workout area of my life. I have become the cross-training QUEEN! I have not run since Aug 27, until this moment I didn’t realize it had been that long, wow. This has got to have been the longest training break ever for a non-injury. Anyways I have logged a ton of miles on the elliptical, body pump twice a week most weeks, spinning, swimming and hot yoga as much as possible. I have been committed to physio and not running and I am told it is working and my back is returning to normal. My physiotherapist told me a week and a half ago (not counting at all) I should be able to start running again in 2 – 3 weeks. So I am REALLY hopeful I get the all clear this week. 


I am so hopeful in fact that I signed up for a race today for a little extra motivation, I will be running the Resolution Run 5K on New Year’s Eve. Now before you think I am throwing all this rest out the window it’s only a 5k and it’s over 2 months away! I should be able to train to 5K by that point, I will not be pushing to PR I just want to run this race on one of my favourite holidays with a smile on my face with a few of my girlfriends. This will be the first race I have ever run with friends and I am REALLY excited for it. I plan to run this race then go home and get dolled up for dinner and drinks with friends to ring in 2013. I think it will be an amazing way to start the year, hopefully injury free and ready to tackle my half-marathon goal that I so badly wanted this year. 



That being said we still have a ton of time left in 2012 and I plan to enjoy every second! 🙂 My workout plan for this week is below, tons of yoga because it is my last week of my unlimited membership, so sad! 


Monday: Elliptical (easy) + Body Pump + Yin Yoga 

Tuesday: Swimming + Hot Yoga 

Wednesday: Elliptical (Interval)

Thursday: Spinning + Body Pump 

Friday: Run (easy) (I hope) + Hot Yoga 

Saturday: Elliptical (progression) + Bliss Flow Yoga 

Sunday: Hot Yoga 


Also just wanted to mention that I am officially drinking the Apple kool aid – I just switched from PC to a new Macbook Pro (a very lovely work reward). I am still figuring it out but thought I’d ask : 

What are your favourite aps / tools in general and for blogging on a Mac? 

Any locals doing the resolution run? Registration price goes up after tmw! 

Week in Review



I haven’t run now in 2 weeks, not gonna lie it’s been strange. Unlike my other injuries I am not actually in terrible pain so it seems weird to me to have to take time off. This week was productive in both workouts and injury treatment. I had a very frank discussion with my physiotherapist about my history of injuries and we’ve come up with what I think is a great treatment plan. I am hopeful and excited, I will get stronger and healed and come back with a bang! This week was not exactly what I planned but I had 4 sweaty workouts and they were great.


Tuesday I did 30 min on the elliptical at home while watching 4 weddings. It was my first time ever seeing this show and I was mesmerized by the ridiculousness. Haha 30 minutes flew!!

Wednesday was a tough spinning class. I pushed myself and it was so good! Love this instructor.

Thursday I got to go back to my favorite pool for my morning swim. It was great but I discovered the later I leave the busier the pool gets, by the end I was sharing a lane with 4 people. Note to self get there early! I swam 2200 m in 40 minutes.

Sunday I did an interval workout on the elliptical with a friend so the 6.55 miles in an hour flew by, I think that’s the most miles I’ve ever clocked on the elliptical.


Overall, a great week! I am starting to find my favorite classes and schedule again. Rather then wing it each week I am going to try coming up with a schedule of which classes I want to attend in body pump and spinning and attend them each week. I am playing around with my schedule still so it’s a work in progress. Plan this week:

Monday: Body Pump + elliptical

Tuesday: Spinning

Wednesday: Body Pump + elliptical

Thursday: Swimming

Friday: Elliptical

Saturday: Elliptical

I am joining hot yoga for a month unlimited so when I do that this week hopefully I’ll throw in a few hot yoga classes in here. This week will have to be a bit flexible though, we have a major hurricane on the way and Bruce’s 30th birthday is this week so I am planning dinner and cake on his actual birthday and a roaring 20’s gala for Saturday night. It’s going to be a crazy week! 🙂

Any 4 weddings fans?

How was your week?

Anyone else love hot yoga?

Hiking Signal Hill

Last weekend Bruce and I went on a beautiful hike of Signal Hill. I haven’t hiked it in years and forgot how hard the climb up the stairs actually is. It was a great hike and a beautiful day, I will leave you with a wordless post of our journey! : )





















Any locals hike Signal Hill regularly? Do you go up or down the hill?

Any hiking fans out there?

Review of a Week Not Running

As mentioned yesterday I am making some changes, and I started making these changes last week after a failed run on Monday.

Monday I managed 3.4 miles in 40 minutes after a body pump class and I was in pain. Body pump was great but the run was not. I decided then to take a few days off.

Tuesday I took it easy and Bruce and I walked my normal 3 mile running route in an hour in the evening. It was a gorgeous night out, I love this weather!





Wednesday I was up bright and early for a morning swim. It was 50m lengths instead of the normal 25m I am used to and it was TOUGH! I did 1000m in 40 minutes and headed to work.

Thursday I was up the crack of dawn, literally, for 6am spinning. I have never gotten up that early for a class before. I swear I didn’t wake up until half way through the class. It was a great sweaty start to the day. Not gonna lie though, I came home showered, and crawled back in bed for a half hour before getting ready for work. 🙂 I wish this class was 6:30 or 7am as I usually don’t go to work until 9.

Friday i had planned to run but was still in pain and decided it wasn’t a good idea. That night I went to hot yoga for the second time and it was so good, I’m a little obsessed. I am planning on doing a full review of my hot yoga experience later this week.

Saturday I woke up and went to body pump, it was a great class and I am loving the jump squats included in this release.

And today? I went for a gorgeous hike in the woods.

So as promised, no running but still tons of sweating. Mission accomplished.

Plan this week:

Monday: Swimming
Tuesday: Elliptical + yoga
Wednesday: Body Pump + Spinning
Thursday: Elliptical
Friday: Swimming
Saturday: Body Pump

And physio….lots of physio. Haha

How was your week?
Anyone have any fall race plans?

September – A Month of Change

I have always loved September, it’s a month of transition and change. It feels like a fresh start with a fresh season, more so then any other time of year. There’s nothing like change to get you refreshed and motivated about life. In fact, I’m making a few changes.

My knees have not been happy for a long time. Ever since I hyper extended them they have not been the same. I can ignore them all I want but it’s not going away. Last Monday I did my usual body pump and run in the evening and it hurt so bad. I have created a cycle, mileage increases, strength training, yoga, and cross training decrease, I get injured, I go to physio while running through pain, I get better and I start the cycle all over again.

There’s only so many times one can go through the same thing over and over get the same results and go though it again. I’m frustrated and I’m done with repeating my mistakes over and over. So I’m making some changes.


I haven’t run since Monday – I’ve swam, gone to spinning, hiked, walked, gone to hot yoga and strength trained. Exercise is a huge part of my life and I’m not giving that up, I’m just changing things up a bit. Next week I won’t be running either, I will be going back to physio and trying to heal my knees and alignment issues that keep causing my leg problems. I am going to heal and I am going to run this fall, my favorite time of year to run, but I’m not going to run until I’m pain free.


When I do return to running it will be no more then 5 days a week, with time built in for cross-training, strength training and my new obsession hot yoga. I originally planned on a fall half marathon this year but that’s probably not going to happen now. However, I hopefully have another 10k left in me that I hope to run this fall, pain free and happy.

Anyone take a running or any sort of break from exercise?

Anyone else love the fall as much as me?

On Losing Motivation

I’ve been an absent blogger a lot this summer, the reality of the situation is I’ve been busy and loving it! I have a lot of fun things to recap though so stick around! : ) The other problem? Since my last race The Tely 10 my motivation for exercise disappeared big time. I took a week off, then I got the flu, and then I got lazy. I’m not afraid to say it! I was too busy having fun and bored with my routine. My knees are still not great, which didn’t help my motivation either.


This week I got sick of excuses and decided to change my mindset and switch things up. I decided to switch out one of my running days for a cross-training day that will be something different each week. Last week I went swimming. I also added back in 2 days of strength training in the form of body pump. The last 2 weeks I have been pushing myself really hard in class and loving it. Finally, last night I tried hot yoga for the first time and fell in love. I was so sweaty by the end of class but yet so relaxed, it was amazing.


I needed a change and a little more variety. I love running but I need a little more variety in my workouts to keep me challenged and excited to get out the door. This week I ran a total of 16 miles, 2 classes of body pump, and a hot yoga class and I am proud! I feel like I’ve got my groove back! Smile It just goes to show how important variety is when it comes to exercise!!




I can feel the fall coming – the air is just a little cooler and it feels like change! But as I’ve learned this week there’s nothing wrong with a little change, it’s can be good for you.


What exciting plans do you have for the end of summer?

What have you done recently to change things up!