Training Recap + My Race Calendar for 2013

I had a great week of training last week! 🙂 I increased my running just slightly, every little bit counts right? Anyways lets get right to it! 


Monday – 4.8 miles elliptical (interval) 

I got home late after class Monday and still hadn’t squeezed in my planned workout. I was exhausted and by this point it was almost 10 but I decided no excuses and turned on Private Practice and got my intervals done. I was glad by the time I finished and passed out shortly after. The life of a graduate student, eh? 


Tuesday – 0.98 miles treadmill, 4.4 miles elliptical, and Body Pump 

One of my usual 2 hour Tuesday sessions that I have a love/hate relationship with, I love how I feel when I’m done but it’s rough pushing through 2 hours at the gym. I upped my body pump weights with the hope that I would be sore in a good way the next day. I guess I didn’t lift enough because I wasn’t sore at all. 


Wednesday – Spinning 

I love this spinning class, it’s in the morning and the instructor is great! This one had a tough final track, my favourite tracks are the speed tracks but the last “mountain climb” was rough. 


Thursday – 4.8 miles elliptical and body pump

I increased my weights again from Tuesday with the hope of again pushing myself to some great muscle soreness the next day. Again I was fine the next day though I felt like I was fatigued at the end of each set. Anyways Ill keep trying to push out of my comfort zone.


Saturday – 3.7 miles treadmill (interval) + Ball Squats and Core work 

 This run was supposed to be outside but we got another 15cm of snow Friday night so I missed hot yoga and had to run inside Saturday as the roads weren’t totally cleared yet. Anyways the run went well but I am counting the days until summer! : ) I also did some weighted ball squats (see pic below for example BTW that is not me), I have been trying to do them lately to help strengthen my weak glute muscles from my back injury and adding in additional core work (planks) to help speed recovery as well. 




Friday & Sunday – Rest 


Total Miles – 19 

Total Strength – 2 classes + my own core/squat work 

Total Yoga – 0 (have to make sure that doesn’t happen this week!)

Ah so very true, I am taking it these days one mile at a time! : ) So after some Googling I have made a tentative race schedule. I will probably add in a few other smaller races and I may potentially move my first 5K out a few weeks if I don’t feel ready as well. 


Tentative Race Schedule – 2013


April 14 – Flat Out 5K

July 1 Weekend – Run For Freedom 8K 

July 28 – Tely 10 (10 Miles)

Sept 20 – Huffin’ Puffin Half Marathon 


What does your race schedule look like this year? 

How was your training week? 

2 thoughts on “Training Recap + My Race Calendar for 2013

  1. Hey – another runner – although you are probably more advanced in your training than me. Good for you! I just posted my training schedule in my “fat girls running club” blog – keep working toward your goals! Every step helps.

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