On Becoming A Graduate Student

Well I am really excited to share some good news – I was accepted to graduate school and will start my Master of Employment Relations (part-time) in January. I am really excited to start this new adventure in my professional development and a new chapter in my life in 2013. I know it’s going to be tough to balance work, exercise, eating well, having fun and now school for the next 3 years (or more haha) but I think it will be worth it. My life is about to being a real balance project that is for sure haha. 


I am in the process now of trying to organize and prepare as much as I can over the next month. I actually have a list created: Things To Do Before Graduate School haha. I do love my lists! I want to make sure I have my house and my life organized so I can be as productive as possible without having to worry about (for example) my state of an office, little things like that bother me. This past weekend I gutted my office of 3 bags of recyclables, donations, and garbage. I feel like I can breathe in there again! Plus it was one of my new year’s resolutions to clean it out – check that off the list! I can’t be productive with mess so bit by bit I am using this time of year to get everything together for a fresh start in 2013. 



Keeping up with this blog is tough these days because I’m so busy but I am hoping to keep at it even if it’s just an occasional pop in for a post about running, life, a recipe or how graduate school is taking over my life! : )  I love blogging so I will keep at it even if you only hear from me occasionally! : ) In the meantime in the effort to cross something else of that list, I need to get my new Macbook “school ready” if your a Mac user do you prefer pages, numbers, and keynote or Microsoft Office? I need to make a decision on which one to buy! : ) 


Any part-time students and full time employees want to share advice on how they balance it all? 

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