A Resolution

I am still alive 🙂 It has been a crazy few weeks and continues to be insanely busy! Between work, a very big exam, birthdays, celebrations, working out, and many other things I have barely had time to sleep in the last month. I am loving every second of it though and just enjoying the ride. 


Despite my insane life the past month I have not been slacking in the workout area of my life. I have become the cross-training QUEEN! I have not run since Aug 27, until this moment I didn’t realize it had been that long, wow. This has got to have been the longest training break ever for a non-injury. Anyways I have logged a ton of miles on the elliptical, body pump twice a week most weeks, spinning, swimming and hot yoga as much as possible. I have been committed to physio and not running and I am told it is working and my back is returning to normal. My physiotherapist told me a week and a half ago (not counting at all) I should be able to start running again in 2 – 3 weeks. So I am REALLY hopeful I get the all clear this week. 


I am so hopeful in fact that I signed up for a race today for a little extra motivation, I will be running the Resolution Run 5K on New Year’s Eve. Now before you think I am throwing all this rest out the window it’s only a 5k and it’s over 2 months away! I should be able to train to 5K by that point, I will not be pushing to PR I just want to run this race on one of my favourite holidays with a smile on my face with a few of my girlfriends. This will be the first race I have ever run with friends and I am REALLY excited for it. I plan to run this race then go home and get dolled up for dinner and drinks with friends to ring in 2013. I think it will be an amazing way to start the year, hopefully injury free and ready to tackle my half-marathon goal that I so badly wanted this year. 



That being said we still have a ton of time left in 2012 and I plan to enjoy every second! 🙂 My workout plan for this week is below, tons of yoga because it is my last week of my unlimited membership, so sad! 


Monday: Elliptical (easy) + Body Pump + Yin Yoga 

Tuesday: Swimming + Hot Yoga 

Wednesday: Elliptical (Interval)

Thursday: Spinning + Body Pump 

Friday: Run (easy) (I hope) + Hot Yoga 

Saturday: Elliptical (progression) + Bliss Flow Yoga 

Sunday: Hot Yoga 


Also just wanted to mention that I am officially drinking the Apple kool aid – I just switched from PC to a new Macbook Pro (a very lovely work reward). I am still figuring it out but thought I’d ask : 

What are your favourite aps / tools in general and for blogging on a Mac? 

Any locals doing the resolution run? Registration price goes up after tmw! 


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