Party Like It’s Prohibition: A Roaring 20’s Gala

Last Saturday night we celebrated Bruce’s 30th Birthday with a theme party, I love a good theme! Smile The theme was a roaring 20’s gala to celebrate the end of his 20’s! We had everyone dress 20’s style, it was a fabulous time and everyone looked amazing. I don’t know how anyone planned anything before Pinterest. haha All my little detail ideas came from there and I am so excited to share them with you all. Smile Lets jump in!


The invitation I created myself in Microsoft Publisher, I downloaded the fonts from dafont they are called Upper East Side and Riesling.




I rented out a local bar to give us tons of room. It of course had a rental feeling to it but I did my best to give it a 20’s feel with all black and white decorations with colourful tea lights on each table and the lights off to give the room that dark prohibition feel (lights on still below). Each table also had a deck of cards on it, for a game of black jack of course! Winking smile We played 20’s music throughout the night mixed in with lots of modern tunes as well.




For food I went strictly 2012, with the usual fruit, veggie, cookies, sandwich and cheese trays. Plus hot appetizers including wings, stew and rolls, meatballs, buffalo chicken egg rolls and philly cheesesteak egg rolls. As usual I made sure no one left hungry!




The custom sign was generously made by a friend of Bruce’s who owns a sign shop. He did such a great job!




Of course no party is complete without an amazing cake, this one was no exception! (pictures of the cake table and cake below) The sign with quote from Humphrey Bogart was an idea from Pintrest that I recreated. I also framed the invitation for everyone to sign as a keepsake to remember his 30th birthday, I am going to hang it in our bar (the mat that I used for signing was from Micheal’s)!





The Problem With The World Is That Everyone Is A Few Drinks Behind – Humphrey Bogart





I accidently left my camera on a panoramic setting as you can tell! Smile Opps!


The absolute highlight of the night was the photobooth I set up. Bruce’s sister is a photographer and also made the cake, she was an amazing help to me with this party! I was so excited when she agreed to do a photobooth. Everyone went through so much trouble to get dolled up that I thought it would be great if they had a professional picture to remember the night with – needless to say it was a hit! Smile 










Those are just a few of the 150 + pictures she took! Smile It was such a laugh I bought tons of fun props and the background is actually a black shower curtain believe it or not. haha I didn’t want to risk one of her professional backgrounds getting damaged!


This party was a ton of work in all honestly but you only turn 30 once and I wanted to make sure he remembered it! I am so pleased with how it turned out and though it was a lot of work it was also a lot of fun to plan. I love getting into the details of things – I think it really makes a regular party more special!


We danced, we ate, we laughed and we ate cake. An amazing night with amazing friends and family! Smile 




How did you celebrate your 30th? Or other milestone birthday?

Ever attend a roaring 20s party?


Week in Review



I haven’t run now in 2 weeks, not gonna lie it’s been strange. Unlike my other injuries I am not actually in terrible pain so it seems weird to me to have to take time off. This week was productive in both workouts and injury treatment. I had a very frank discussion with my physiotherapist about my history of injuries and we’ve come up with what I think is a great treatment plan. I am hopeful and excited, I will get stronger and healed and come back with a bang! This week was not exactly what I planned but I had 4 sweaty workouts and they were great.


Tuesday I did 30 min on the elliptical at home while watching 4 weddings. It was my first time ever seeing this show and I was mesmerized by the ridiculousness. Haha 30 minutes flew!!

Wednesday was a tough spinning class. I pushed myself and it was so good! Love this instructor.

Thursday I got to go back to my favorite pool for my morning swim. It was great but I discovered the later I leave the busier the pool gets, by the end I was sharing a lane with 4 people. Note to self get there early! I swam 2200 m in 40 minutes.

Sunday I did an interval workout on the elliptical with a friend so the 6.55 miles in an hour flew by, I think that’s the most miles I’ve ever clocked on the elliptical.


Overall, a great week! I am starting to find my favorite classes and schedule again. Rather then wing it each week I am going to try coming up with a schedule of which classes I want to attend in body pump and spinning and attend them each week. I am playing around with my schedule still so it’s a work in progress. Plan this week:

Monday: Body Pump + elliptical

Tuesday: Spinning

Wednesday: Body Pump + elliptical

Thursday: Swimming

Friday: Elliptical

Saturday: Elliptical

I am joining hot yoga for a month unlimited so when I do that this week hopefully I’ll throw in a few hot yoga classes in here. This week will have to be a bit flexible though, we have a major hurricane on the way and Bruce’s 30th birthday is this week so I am planning dinner and cake on his actual birthday and a roaring 20’s gala for Saturday night. It’s going to be a crazy week! 🙂

Any 4 weddings fans?

How was your week?

Anyone else love hot yoga?

Hiking Signal Hill

Last weekend Bruce and I went on a beautiful hike of Signal Hill. I haven’t hiked it in years and forgot how hard the climb up the stairs actually is. It was a great hike and a beautiful day, I will leave you with a wordless post of our journey! : )





















Any locals hike Signal Hill regularly? Do you go up or down the hill?

Any hiking fans out there?

Bacalao – Newfoundland Cuisine With A Twist

Late last week we celebrated Bruce’s mom’s birthday by going out to dinner at local restaurant Bacalao. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had been to Bacalao once before for brunch a few years ago and wasn’t impressed. However, dinner was a whole other experience.

I started off with a glass of Italian Pinot Grigo – it was perfect. Not too dry not too sweet just the way I like it.




For my appetizer I had Bacalao fritters – breaded salt cod with potatoes and a small salad on the side. It was perfect, I was concerned it would be too salty but it wasn’t at all. They were very flavorful.




For my main I had Penne and Moose sausage pasta. It was a huge portion but I managed to eat all of it. The sausage was a pleasant change from the normal pork sausage. It was complimented perfectly with a spicy sauce, I asked for mine to be cooked to medium spiciness and I would hate to try hot, it was SPICY! 🙂





Overall I really enjoyed our visit to Bacalao, I will definelty be back.

Any locals try Bacalao before? Thoughts?

Anyone every try moose or salt cod? I think they’re a mostly Newfoundland thing!

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Review of a Week Not Running

As mentioned yesterday I am making some changes, and I started making these changes last week after a failed run on Monday.

Monday I managed 3.4 miles in 40 minutes after a body pump class and I was in pain. Body pump was great but the run was not. I decided then to take a few days off.

Tuesday I took it easy and Bruce and I walked my normal 3 mile running route in an hour in the evening. It was a gorgeous night out, I love this weather!





Wednesday I was up bright and early for a morning swim. It was 50m lengths instead of the normal 25m I am used to and it was TOUGH! I did 1000m in 40 minutes and headed to work.

Thursday I was up the crack of dawn, literally, for 6am spinning. I have never gotten up that early for a class before. I swear I didn’t wake up until half way through the class. It was a great sweaty start to the day. Not gonna lie though, I came home showered, and crawled back in bed for a half hour before getting ready for work. 🙂 I wish this class was 6:30 or 7am as I usually don’t go to work until 9.

Friday i had planned to run but was still in pain and decided it wasn’t a good idea. That night I went to hot yoga for the second time and it was so good, I’m a little obsessed. I am planning on doing a full review of my hot yoga experience later this week.

Saturday I woke up and went to body pump, it was a great class and I am loving the jump squats included in this release.

And today? I went for a gorgeous hike in the woods.

So as promised, no running but still tons of sweating. Mission accomplished.

Plan this week:

Monday: Swimming
Tuesday: Elliptical + yoga
Wednesday: Body Pump + Spinning
Thursday: Elliptical
Friday: Swimming
Saturday: Body Pump

And physio….lots of physio. Haha

How was your week?
Anyone have any fall race plans?

September – A Month of Change

I have always loved September, it’s a month of transition and change. It feels like a fresh start with a fresh season, more so then any other time of year. There’s nothing like change to get you refreshed and motivated about life. In fact, I’m making a few changes.

My knees have not been happy for a long time. Ever since I hyper extended them they have not been the same. I can ignore them all I want but it’s not going away. Last Monday I did my usual body pump and run in the evening and it hurt so bad. I have created a cycle, mileage increases, strength training, yoga, and cross training decrease, I get injured, I go to physio while running through pain, I get better and I start the cycle all over again.

There’s only so many times one can go through the same thing over and over get the same results and go though it again. I’m frustrated and I’m done with repeating my mistakes over and over. So I’m making some changes.


I haven’t run since Monday – I’ve swam, gone to spinning, hiked, walked, gone to hot yoga and strength trained. Exercise is a huge part of my life and I’m not giving that up, I’m just changing things up a bit. Next week I won’t be running either, I will be going back to physio and trying to heal my knees and alignment issues that keep causing my leg problems. I am going to heal and I am going to run this fall, my favorite time of year to run, but I’m not going to run until I’m pain free.


When I do return to running it will be no more then 5 days a week, with time built in for cross-training, strength training and my new obsession hot yoga. I originally planned on a fall half marathon this year but that’s probably not going to happen now. However, I hopefully have another 10k left in me that I hope to run this fall, pain free and happy.

Anyone take a running or any sort of break from exercise?

Anyone else love the fall as much as me?