A Seaside Picnic

One of the most fun things I did all summer was the lighthouse picnic. Bruce and I went 2 weekends ago and loved it. For the locals the lighthouse is in Ferryland, about an hour’s drive from the city. Once you arrive in Ferryland the lighthouse itself is about a 25 minute walk in, the walk and drive were really both a fun part of the experience. I love driving around and seeing new things!




Once we arrived at the lighthouse we ordered our picnic and were given a blanket and a flag to find us when our lunch was ready! We spent the time waiting taking some pictures around the lighthouse.









Quite a view isn’t it? After about 20 minutes our fresh picnic was brought out! Each picnic consists of a salad, sandwich, dessert and fresh squeezed lemonade! We also ordered coffee to go with ours. The lighthouse salad was a mix of orzo, peppers, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese – it was heavenly. We chose mango curried chicken for our sandwich and again it was delicious. All the sandwiches are made on fresh bread baked at the lighthouse. Finally, for dessert I had the chocolate ganache cake and Bruce had the apple cake. It was probably the best lunch I have ever eaten.






We enjoyed all this amazing food while overlooking the ocean watching whales and seals play – it was incredible.




A whale that kept coming up for air, he was too quick to get a good shot!



Hello little seal!



I feel so thankful every day to live this close to the ocean! Smile I loved every second of the lighthouse picnic and will definitely be back to enjoy it again next summer.


Just a note for the locals it took us over 2 weeks to get a reservation and I believe it closes the end of September so you’d better book early if you want to get in before the summer is over!


Anyone else enjoy a picnic this summer?

Any locals experience the lighthouse picnic before?


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