Tely 10 2012 Recap

On Sunday I ran my very first 10 mile race, the Tely 10. It’s a huge race locally (the biggest I’ve ever ran) over 3600 people ran it this year. This year was also the 85th year of the Tely 10 which made it even more exciting! I have to say despite being undertrained the last few weeks due to hyperextended knees I really enjoyed this race.


photo (29)


As I waited at the start in  my corral I was so unbelievable nervous because I was afraid my knees would act up and I was also worrying about the heat. When I woke up it was 15 degrees Celsius and it was supposed to go to over 30. I am a Canadian and not conditioned at all the run in heat! haha




Anyways the gun went and off we went! The first 3 miles the heat was smothering, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I just felt like I was baking. I just did my best to keep my pace down and not wear out early. As you’ll see in my splits below, my first miles were some of my fastest! Opps!


The crowd support was unbelievable. There wasn’t a stretch of road that didn’t have people on it. It really kept me going through the heat. After the first 3 miles I got a little breeze, it wasn’t much but it was welcome! Every fire station on the way had their hoses out and water going so I got some relief there. There were 4 water stations along the route and I walked through each of them and made sure to drink as much as I could. My mom met me at mile 6 with a bottle of water and I couldn’t have been happier to see her! I needed that water like you wouldn’t believe.


The last three miles are the hilliest of the mostly downhill course. Residents along the route had their garden hoses out and were spraying people along the route during this section. By this point my knees were aching and I was starting to get tired. I had only ever trained to 8 miles so I was running through new territory at this point. By the time I got to mile 9 I was drained but the crowds were getting bigger and people were cheering us on as we ran so I dug deep and really pushed my last mile.


As I ran into the finishing chute I honestly couldn’t believe I was about to finish my first Tely 10. I could feel myself tearing up as I saw Bruce and my dad and my friends. I just couldn’t believe it was over.






I finished officially in 1:43:08 (chip time) and I couldn’t be happier (splits below).  I still can’t believe I finished it! It’s so surreal.


Mile 1: 9:48

Mile 2: 9:37

Mile 3: 10:02

Mile 4: 10:15

Mile 5: 9:52

Mile 6: 10: 19

Mile 7: 10:37

Mile 8: 11:15

Mile 9: 11:04

Mile 10: 9:52




Overall this was a great race, great crowds, great course and well organized. I will definitely be racing this one again next year. The entire city shuts down for this race and it’s such a huge tradition which made it even more special for me. I am still sore from running it but the high still hasn’t gone away. I am excited to jump into Fall half-marathon training next week but this week will be an easy week. My body needs it after the strain I’ve put it under, however; I am in love with running as I’ve ever been and can’t wait to jump back in with 2 feet.


Anyone else run the Tely?

What’s your favourite race distance?


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