Race Week Rituals

I have been a negligent blogger this past week! It was wedding week and I stood for one of my best friends as one of her bridesmaids. Bruce also stood as a groomsmen. We had such a great week, it was so much fun!




Other then the wedding last week I finished my final long run before the Tely 10 coming up this Sunday. Unfortunately I injured myself again running the Run for Freedom a few weeks ago. I hyperextended both knees so I have been busy in physio and trying to heal them. Things have improved but I had to delay my final long run by a few days and even then it didn’t go so well. I managed almost 8 miles in 90 minutes.


So needless to say I’m stressed. My long run last week is my longest ever which means have 2 more miles to manage on Sunday on injured knees. This week’s plan is lots of physio and keeping the rust off the legs:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) 30 min 30 min 30 min  REST 35 min REST RACE 
Elliptical / Arc (Min)              



Plus my usual race week rituals of lots of carbs, water, rest, and stretching! I’m nervous about this race but I have to trust my training. There is so much I am going to switch up when I officially start training for my fall half-marathon after this race but for now I just need to concentrate on getting through this one. I am sick of being injured so I need to find a plan that keeps that from happening.


Any advice for my first 10-miler?

What are your race week rituals?

How do you stay injury-free?


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