High-Mileage June




June was a great month for me – most miles I’ve run ever! Smile I ran my first race of 2012 this past weekend with an official time of 45:51 so I am really pleased about that. The one downfall of running high mileage for me is that any form of yoga, cross-training, or strength training has as usual fallen off the map. As a result the past week I have had 2 VERY unhappy knees. I tried to run today and it was a no go – my knees ached.


So rather then post my usual weekly workout plan here for the week I am going to hold off for the time being and take another rest day tomorrow. I think after all the miles and this weekend’s race I just need a little more recovery then usual.


However, my goal for July? Besides the race I am signed up for in 3 weeks and would like to run pain-free, is to get back into more then just running before I wind up with another injury that takes me out of the game again. My knees are giving me a warning sign that they need more then just pounding on the pavement – messaged received loud and clear!


How do you fit in cross-training with high mileage?

Did you meet your workout goals in June?

Anyone race this past weekend?


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