Run For Freedom 8K–Recap

I loved this race. From beginning to end it was awesome! The race took place a little over an hour and a half outside my city in a rural community. It was a small race (about 60ish participants) but was ran a lot like a big race. We hit the highway early this morning in the fog to head out there. It was a really beautiful drive out there – lots to see! On the way out I enjoyed a coffee and some toast with pb.


photo (25)


We arrived in St. Mary’s at 9:15, I got registered ($10) and then we had to drive back to the start line. The registration was at the finish. So Bruce drove me back to the start, where there was no parking and headed back towards the finish. He snapped a few pictures along the way, as you can see it was VERY foggy!






The race started at 10 sharp and off we went! I took off fast as usual and had to force myself to slow down and ignore the crowd. Eventually everyone got spread out and I feel into my pace, my plan was to start out slow and push hard at the end. My splits didn’t really show that as my first mile was my fastest but there was a brutal headwind the entire race, however, the majority of the race was downhill so it could have been worse! My splits were:


Mile 1: 9:04

Mile 2: 9:19

Mile 3: 9:28

Mile 4: 9:31

Mile 5:  9:17


The first half of the course flew by, there were a few small hills towards the end but nothing major! The course itself had very few spectators and was all on highway but it was still a great course and very scenic. There were a lot of people at the finish and those that were around were very friendly given it was such a small race. There were water stations at 6 & 4 kms. This was my first race with water stations, I walked through them as I didn’t want to choke! haha Running with water is not easy! I finished unofficially on Garmin time at 46 minutes even, hopefully Ill have an official time soon!




And received my finishers medal!






photo (27)


After the race the community comes together to serve a ton of food to the runners and there is a ceremony to commemorate the battle of Beaumont-Hamel. I couldn’t believe all the food that was there and how supportive the community was of this race – there was tons of sandwiches, muffins, fruit, yogurt, etc. all homemade!


photo (26)


Once we got back in town I grabbed subway for some extra refuelling – it pretty much tasted like the best thing ever!


photo (24)


All in all it was a great race – I can’t believe for the cheap entry fee of $10 what a great race this was! I will definitely be back next year. : )


photo (23)


Anyone racing this weekend? Share your recaps with me!

What’s the best way to run through a water station?

What’s your fav post-race fuel?


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