Just Running By

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated, a lot has happened! : ) June has been a really busy month for me, it’s just been running by! I’ve had a lot of summer BBQs and parties going on. Last weekend I helped throw a bachelorette party for one of my closest friends which was really fun. I chopped off a few inches of my hair and got it thinned big time.


photo (16)


And so far in June? I’ve run 94 miles. My biggest month ever! This past couple of weeks since I last updated I have run my longest runs ever – last Saturday being the longest at 7.07 miles. I’m also getting my speed back – my run today and yesterday were 10:32 and 10:21 avg pace. A massive 40 second plus drop in speed from last week. I am on my way back, all those tortious interval runs are paying off – with muscle memory!


photo (17)


This weekend I am making my 2012 racing debut with an 8K tune-up race (Run for Freedom) for the Tely 10 coming up on July 22. I am really excited about this weekend’s race – it is supposed to be a beautiful course so I can’t wait to run it.


I am almost afraid to say it but I am so thankful that my injuries seem to be healed – it took a long time to come back from being injured but I am here and so happy. These past 2 mornings have been amazing runs and the high I have when I finish is like no other. I will get faster and I will get stronger. Smile Though my paces aren’t near as fast as they were last year this past 2 weeks has given me confidence to be sure I will get back there and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Anyone else chop their hair off in the summer?

What was the best thing to happen to you today?

Morning or night-time workout?

Anyone racing this coming weekend?

Any locals running the Run for Freedom in St. Mary’s or the Tely?


4 thoughts on “Just Running By

  1. Heidi,
    Great job with the running and you will do great in any race you take part in. You are a very inspiring person with a great attitude towards life! I’ve learned a lot of tips from your blog. Nice hair and who is that fun friend with you?All the best! I was going to write “guess who” but guess my email gives it away. loves!xo

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