A Year Long Journey

A lot can happen in just a year. I know myself over the years as I reflect back I can see changes in myself, my life, and what’s important to me. For example, a few years ago if you had told me that I would be blogging about healthy living  – I would have done another shot and laughed at you. And if you had told me 187 posts ago that I would be here 1 year later still blogging about what I love to do and embracing a community I didn’t know existed? I would have said I sure hope so.


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1 year ago today I began a journey into blogging, at the time the vision was a little different. However, as they say: it’s the journey not the destination that matters. I originally thought a year later that I would be blogging about weight loss. If you stop by here occasionally you know that I’m not, simply because the blogging community taught me an important lesson: weight loss is the result of living a healthful life. It’s a result not a driver, you must choose to make healthy choices and weight loss will either happen as a result of that or it won’t.


I make choices each day to eat well, relax, run, drink water, get my 8 hours, strength train, do yoga, laugh, and love my life. Those are my choices – similarly I could choose to eat junk, not exercise, be unhappy, and not love my life. You make a decision, you get a result. As I said it’s the journey not the destination.


Over the last year I made it my mission to live a balanced life. I had a lot of firsts this year – I graduated university and started my first adult job and began finding my way in this world without the title of student. I trained for my first race, ran outside in the winter for the first time,  tried spinning, got injured, and kept on keeping on. I still struggle at times to achieve balance. Some days are more balanced then others, but that’s okay as long as the good outweighs the bad.


2011-12-26 14.01.28


This blog and the community it sits within is part of keeps me balanced. The community of healthy living bloggers I am privileged to be a part of inspire me each day to live life well. Each day I read another blogger’s post is an inspiration to keep pushing for my goals and aiming high.


The Balance Project as a blog allows me to write about something I am truly passionate about, living healthy. I truly appreciate each and every person who stops by my blog, tweets me, posts on my daily mile, or leaves a comment. That connection is what I love most about blogging and why I started blogging in the first place. Though as I mentioned the vision of the Balance Project has shifted, the reason it came to be – connecting with a community of like minded people has not. I imagine as long as I keep writing here (and I intend to for quite some time) that the vision will change just as I will change, and that’s okay, after all it is about the journey not the destination.


2011-11-11 14.00.33


Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who visit my little blog, here’s to another great year to come. xo

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