El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico

One of the most memorable parts of this entire trip was getting to visit a rainforest. It. Was. Amazing. Unfortunately our boat was almost 2 hours late docking in Puerto Rico so we really only had enough time for our tour and a beer at Senor Frogs but it was still a great time. I would highly recommend this tour as you get to see various parts of the rainforest and learn a lot along the way. I also got to try some local coffee, it was good but super strong!


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The Lower Part of the Rainforest



The water in this “pool” is supposed to be good luck. Ironically 2 people drowned in it so you can’t swim there anymore.




La Coca Falls


Yokahu Observation Tower


Top of the tower 98 steps and what a view!



Have you ever been to the rainforest?

Anyone visit Puerto Rico? I’d like to go back and see Old San Juan

What’s the best coffee you’ve ever had from another country? I’d say Blue Mountain from Jamaica is my favourite!


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