Happy National Running Day


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I originally had a post planned today to recap Puerto Rico as part of my vacation recap series but then I discovered it was national running day! So I knew I had to celebrate with a post dedicated to all things running. Unfortunately I was not able to celebrate myself today by running as I was off sick with some sort of stomach bug but I will hopefully celebrate double tomorrow! Smile Below you will find some of my favourite running related posts:


Running Safety – Tips and tricks for running safe and sound.


Review of Mile Markings – A book that inspired me on a whole new level on why I run.


Sneaker Tips & Fitting – I had a professional fitting, months later I am still lovin’ my Asics 2160’s. I encourage everyone who runs to have a professional fitting and find the right sneaker for you!


Favourite Running Websites – There are a lot of great websites out there, these are some of my favourites!


How To Survive Winter Running – I live in Canada so if I want to run outside I have to be able to brave the cold!


Some of my Favourite Gear – Some of my favourite pieces of gear are outlined here, I have since switched to a Garmin for tracking GPS, which I also love.


On Being Injured – I got injured after my first race and it wasn’t fun but it taught me a few lessons on running and having patience.


Running in Toronto – A great run I had while on a business trip in Toronto last summer.


My First Race – I love going back and reading this post and remembering the feeling I got when I crossed my first finish line. Smile 



What did you do to celebrate National Running Day?

What’s your favourite inspirational quote on running?

If you blog – share your favourite post on running in the comments! I’d love to read it.


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