Sailing On The Carnival Valor Part 2

I just love browsing through my vacation photos and reliving the adventure all over again. You can see the first recap here. In this post I want to recap some of the fun things we did on board the ship. This was my second cruise, the first time around we took in almost all the shows and entertainment on board. This time I wanted a different experience, I wanted more quality time spent relaxing with Bruce and the other couple that came with us. We did some fun stuff on board and took in a few comedy shows but we also did a whole lot of relaxing and that was just fine with me. Smile 




We spent a lot of time on our cruise on the deck both night and day. I loved days spent by the pool relaxing and reading. In the night one of our favourite things to do was to get in the hot tub and watch a movie in the seaside movie theatre (pictured above). There is nothing better then watching a movie on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean. I also loved sitting on the deck in the night time just enjoying the warm air and chatting. Just writing this is making me feel more relaxed! Smile 




One of my favourite features of the carnival ships is the waterslide! It was so much fun, I went down it a lot! Smile The waterslide became even more fun with a few poolside tropical drinks! Winking smile 




I also loved that this ship had indoor hot tubs (as well as outdoor ones) the indoor ones were great for the nights it was a little too windy out.




During one of our fun days at sea we played mini golf. It was my first time playing mini golf in forever!




This was one of our favourite bars on board I believe it was called the Bronx Bar, it was a sports themed bar and it had my favourite beer on board, thirsty frog!




Finally, who could forget the towel babies!! Smile I miss going to bed at night and seeing one of these, with my sheets turned down and a little chocolate! haha




Do you like to be busy with activities on vacation or just relax?

If you’ve cruised before what’s your favourite thing to do on the ship?


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