Workout Recap & Plan May 28–June 2

Well I had a solid first full week back since vacation. I really enjoyed getting back into my routine, though I am not fully in the swing of things yet I am getting there. I find after vacation for a few weeks you just feel behind on life in general. Hopefully I will tackle my “to-do” list this weekend and get straightened away.


So last week I ran 12 solid miles. They were good back to running miles. I rent for a 2 mile run Monday followed by body pump and then subsequently was in pain until Friday. But it was just the hurts so good kind of pain not injury pain – which I will take any day of the week! Smile I went for a 4 mile shakeout run on Tuesday which was needed to get the blood flowing.


photo (8)


Wednesday I rested and Thursday I ran another 3 miles. My muscles by that point were on the mend from body pump so that was good. Friday I rested again and Saturday I did an interval run for a total of 3.2 miles. I had three intervals spot on under an 8 min/mile and 2 were off.


I1: 8:25
I2: 7:36
I3: 7:46
I4: 9:28
I5: 7:59


Overall great week, low but good miles, lots of rest and lots of foam rolling! I even got strength training in, look at me! Winking smile  Here is this week’s plan already in progress. I am happy to report no pain from Body Pump yesterday so time to up my weights again!


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) REST 30 min 30 min 40 min 30 min  50 min 60 min
Elliptical / Arc (Min)              
Class    Body Pump   Body Pump     yoga



It’s going to be a big week! Saturday is my first 2-a-day run! Smile I am excited! My first race is in a little over 7 weeks so I officially have my game face on for that. I may sneak a small race in there before hand though if time and training allow. Anyways I better get to bed as that 40 minute run is happening in the AM tomorrow!


Are you a morning or night workout type?

Do you perfectly stick to your training plan or just use it as a guide?

When is your next race?

How was your workout week?

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