Sailing on the Carnival Valor Part 1

As mentioned earlier this week  over the next few weeks I’ll be recapping my latest adventures. I figured I’d start at the very beginning – the cruise ship itself. Smile Just as a heads up I have cruised before (with Royal Caribbean) however this was my first Carnival cruise.




We set sail on the Carnival Valor from the port of Miami for an 8 day cruise with 4 ports: Puerto Rico, Grand Turk, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. The Valor like most modern cruise ships is massive. There is a ton to do and see on board and it was a lot to take in during our 8 days! Though we spent very little time in our stateroom it was slightly bigger then our last cruise, had all the amenities, and was always kept clean!




One of the best parts of any cruise (especially for a blogger) is the food! I have to say the food was fantastic – however, not quite as good a Royal Caribbean. Though if you’ve never cruised before you’d probably think it was amazing! The staff on board were fantastic with my lactose intolerance I have to say. Every day they’d bring me the menu for the next day so they could prepare for me. Also, each night I got my own special dairy-free dessert. I loved it as I usually never get dessert as most are made entirely of dairy. Below are some shots of my favourite meals and dishes!



Chicken Sausage, Hashbrowns, Bagel & Eggs


Fillet With Roasted Veggies



Sweet Potato Soup



Chicken Tenders

If you ever decide to cruise I highly recommend trying breakfast a few times in the formal dining area as opposed to the buffet as the quality of food and service was much better. We also took in the onboard steakhouse (an additional cost) and it was an amazing 4 coarse meal.




What I thought was really neat about Carnival is that every night they had a “didja” option with something crazy that you’d never try at home. It ranged from frogs legs to shark! Bruce tried this option every night but I wasn’t as brave! Smile



Frogs Legs

The other thing I really liked was the little mini food places where you could go and custom order a burrito, sandwich or stirfry and they’d make it for you custom! I thought this was a really nice option that my last cruise didn’t have!



Beef Stirfry



Ham and Swiss with a side of pickles



Stay tuned for part 2 which recaps some of the fun we had at sea!


Have you ever cruised?

What’s the craziest food you’ve ever eaten?

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