Running Safe and Sound

I seriously cannot stop listening to Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring the Civil Wars. It is so unbelievably good and from the Hunger Games. Therefore I love it. lol I am on book three and just slightly obsessed. Anyways if you haven’t heard the song go download it now and fall in love over and over.


So speaking of safe and sound I thought it was time I shared some of the things I do to say safe while running. These are mostly common sense things but we could all use a reminder. I know when Sherri was kidnapped it was a shock and wake up call to me. None of us are invincible, I knew that but I took it as a reminder. I thought a lot about what happened to Sherri and made a few changes in my routine. I hope you’ll consider using a few of these tips.


1. Wear ID I never really took this seriously until I considered that if something happened to me I would want someone to be able to quickly call those I love. Not having to spend precious moments going through my cell phone. I bought a Road ID and I don’t run without it. It makes me feel safer around town but I also considered when I travel and run it’s important to have ID. One of my favourite ways to explore a city is to run around it. But it’s important to be safe while doing so. The people at Road ID are great, I ordered the wrong size band and they sent me a new one at no cost to me. They’re doing great things keeping runners safe, I hope you’ll consider getting a Road ID or some form of ID to keep you safe on the road.


photo (2)


2. Tell Someone Where You’re Going & When You’ll Return I religiously do this and it’s so important. If I am heading out early in the morning the night before I tell Bruce where I am going and for how long. I always make sure to get back before he leaves for work. It’s important to switch up your route, just make sure someone knows.


3. Kill The Tunes I am a self-admitted music junkie. Try and take my iPhone from me during a race or on a treadmill and I am not a happy camper. However, I am trying to somewhat (not always) nix the music outside, mostly when I am in less populated areas so I can be mindful of what’s around me. I also have found not having music forces me to be more in tune with how I’m feeling. Plus if you run without music for a while it’s so much more motivating when you do!


4. Pay attention to your surroundings, not your Garmin I have only had my Garmin since December. I love it but I am not full on addicted to starring at the pace. When I am doing my intervals I keep an eye on it until I hit my target pace and then I hang on to it by feel. I feel like this method helps me naturally feel out a pace more so then relying on the watch. I have heard stories of people wandering into traffic playing with a Garmin so be careful. Turn it around or hide it with a long sleeve if you have to, just be mindful of what’s happening around you.


5. Carry A Cell Phone I mentioned ID above, and that is important but so is having a phone on you. I don’t leave the house without my phone. I keep it in my Spibelt so I don’t need to carry it in my hand.


photo (3)


I am a firm believer in preparation and when I pack my gym back daily my Road ID and phone always go with me. Just as much as I bring sneakers and my shorts. I also try to bring my common sense as well, more often then not it comes along! There is no better feeling then finishing a run, except for starting one the next day. Smile Be safe out there.



What safety measures do you take while running outside? Let’s add to the list!

Any other Road ID fans?

Anyone else a Hunger Games fan?


2 thoughts on “Running Safe and Sound

  1. I’ve been meaning to get a Road ID. I typically have a phone with me, but no ID. Depending on where I’m running I sometimes carry pepper spray too. It’s hard to find room for all of this stuff though.

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