Training Recap and Plan April 17

You’ve probably noticed no Canadian Blogger Series post this week! Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this week’s post had to be postponed. However, we’ll be back in full swing next week! : )





I had another great training week last week! Smile 




I won’t go through each workout like I normally do but I had a great week mileage wise. I also managed  a spinning class and a body pump class. This week was technically my last week of recovery training. This week is my first “official week” of spring/summer training. I am really excited to take it on! I am so excited for Saturday’s run!! That’s my longest run in a long time so I can’t wait to tackle it!


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) 35 min 40 min   40 min  40 min   REST
Elliptical / Arc (Min)           65 Min  
Class      Spinning + BP   Yoga Body Pump  



How was your last week of training?

What is your planned long run this week?

Anyone ever try hot yoga, I am thinking about trying it Friday but I’m nervous!!


2 thoughts on “Training Recap and Plan April 17

  1. wow Heidi – your training seems to be going exceptionally well 🙂 as you know I’ve been slacking, only doing the strength calendars and some minimal biking. I plan on constructing a comeback plan this weekend – can’t wait!

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