Canadian Blogger Series #12: Halifax

I am thrilled today to be bringing you a blog very close to the shores of my island! This week we have  Glenn from the blog Healthy Halifax telling you all about what it’s like to live on the beautiful east coast in Halifax! I absolutely love Nova Scotia, it’s just a quick hour flight from my city so I have been there often. It’s a beautiful province and the best part? It simply has the east coast charm that I have grown up with and love so much!

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Canada’s Ocean Playground


The best part about this blogger series is that we’re all proud Canadians that want to tell the world about our favourite part of the country. Put all of our stories together and it’s not hard to see why so many people love our country.



My fiancée Lisa and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are a very active couple that much prefers being outdoors than in. Our province (yes we own it, haha) is the perfect place for people that love to get outside and take part in tons of different activities. I thought the easiest way to show you our province would be to show you pictures of us in different parts of the province, taking part in different activities at different times of the year.


One thing that I will say about Lisa and I, is that we love the ocean. If we were ever to move to another province it would most likely be BC. However I don’t see that happening any time soon. I raised an amazing son here and we are about to have a baby girl to join us in all our adventures. Ok enough chit chat.


Summer is our favorite time of the year and one of the most popular water sports to take part in, or at least try once, is surfing. Nova Scotia has attracted surfers from all over the world and they surf all year round. Fall is the most popular time, especially if it has been a good hurricane season. We like it when the storm misses us and we just get the surf! The picture below is Lisa on the day of our first lesson. That was one hell of a long day, followed by two days of muscle pain- but worth every second!




Since Nova Scotia is almost an island it is not a shock that we have some amazing beaches. If you visit in the summer make sure you try to visit as many as you can. If you are in Cape Breton you can hit Ingonish beach. On the eastern shore you should not miss out on Martinique beach and a beautiful beach on the south shore is Carters! Also our favorite beach on the Northumberland shore is Melmerby. There are tons more and you may even find your own, if you look hard enough.




Fall would be our second favorite time of year. Hiking is something that both Lisa and I love. We are always looking to explore trails that we have heard about and sometimes we just pick an area and park the car and go see what we can find. We have two favorite places to hike. Our first love is Cape Breton island. Yes, it is an island and Cape Bretoners are proud of that. In fact if it wasn’t for “That damn causeway” (as many would say), Cape Breton would still be an Island. Below is a picture of the highway along the coast of the Highlands National Park. A must for any hiker!




Our second favorite place to hike is on the Fundy shore. You want to google Cape Chignecto and if you want to do the whole thing make sure you are in damn good shape and ready to spend 3-4 days on the trail. We have yet to complete the whole thing, just a lot of day hiking.





Our winters are also a blast. Everyone has their favorite things to do from skiing to snowmobiling, to one of our favorites, snowshoeing. It makes hiking in Nova Scotia that much more interesting and it’s one heck of a great challenge and workout. Our skiing does not compare to other parts of the country, however it’s still awesome to be able to hit the slopes just 45 minutes outside the city.




This blog does not even touch on the amazing food and drink that you can find in our world class restaurants. Oh and did I mention Halifax has the second most bars per capita in the country? Not that active and healthy people like to party…. We’re from the east coast after all!

I hope that this peaks your interest and makes you want to visit. See you on the trails!





Thanks so much Glenn for showing us the beauty of Halifax!

Anyone ever visit Nova Scotia?
What’s your favourite season and why??


3 thoughts on “Canadian Blogger Series #12: Halifax

  1. I’ve only been to Nova Scotia a couple of times, but I loved it! Such a pretty place. I am from the prairies, so seeing the ocean is magical and wonderful to me.

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