Nutrition Know How

Look at that gorgeous sunrise, there is nothing better then starting the day watching the sunrise while running. This week has been a great work, running, food, and everything week. I am incredibly thankful. Smile


2012-03-26 06.53.45


I made these tonight for dinner, do yourself a favour and make them asap. Put a slice of Havarti on top and enjoy! They are an incredible veggie burger. I personally think there is nothing better then good homemade veggie burgers that don’t have ingredient lists a mile long. They taste fabulous, freeze well, and make great leftovers. What more could you want!?!


Speaking of things that are good for you I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I eat recently. Last year when I originally lost weight I did it by keeping a journal of what I was eating and calorie counting and it worked well for me. I know for some people calorie counting can become obsessive unhealthy behaviour but I have decided to start doing it again to get a handle on what I am eating and hopefully drop some more weight. This time I am using an app to help me track what I’m eating, My Fitness Pal.


As I started this journey of tracking again I decided that I wouldn’t obsess and would use what I learned as a tool to make myself healthier. I have made some interesting discoveries since I started using this app:


Natural protein, I always wondered if I was getting enough protein so I started adding protein powders to my granola but turns out I don’t need it. I get more then enough without having to use processed powders so that was a useful piece of information.


Iron, like protein I wasn’t sure if I was getting enough in my diet. I don’t eat a ton of meat especially very little red meat. However, since I’ve been tracking I’ve discovered again I get enough.


Sugar, on the negative side of things I am consuming almost triple the amount of sugar I should be. I’m starting to be more mindful of the sugar I am consuming in my diet and making some small changes. It’s hard to do though, sugar is in everything!


Snacking, I snack a lot more then I probably should typically on the weekends so again like sugar I am trying to mindful. It’s so had on the weekends though, I consume way more on the weekends then I do on the weekdays.


I eat fairly well but I feel like this app is really helping me take things to a new level. Hopefully with a few small changes I can see big improvements!


Anyone else try my fitness pal?

How do you keep sugar out of your diet? I need help!


3 thoughts on “Nutrition Know How

  1. I always eat more on weekends… it’s like I spend all week saving up calories so that when I go overboard on the weekends it doesn’t matter so much, haha. But it seems to balance out in the long run okay, so whatever works!

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