Training Recap and Plan Mar 26–April 1

I had a really good training week last week. Mostly because I was doing a lot of running and very little on the elliptical side of things. Just the way I like it! Smile Monday was elliptical for 30 minutes, I did 2.84 miles. I did this workout over lunch and forced myself to give it my all just to keep things interesting! It was a great workout, despite the fact that it was on the elliptical. Tuesday I ran outside 3.1 miles in 33 minutes at lunch time, I really pushed myself towards the end because the light at the end of the street was going to change and I wanted to make it. Whatever it takes! Smile 


Wednesday I was waiting for the windchill to warm up so I ran after work but it was still freezing outside. I did an interval workout, warm up was 10 minutes and then I did 8 intervals 40 seconds on 40 rest. Cool down was another 10 minutes. I did 2.7 miles in 31 minutes and I hit my 8:40 interval goal for almost all of the intervals:


I1: 8:30
I2: 8:58
I3: 8:51
I4: 9:14
I5: 8:21
I6: 8:19
I7: 10:42 <– DYING lol
I8: 8:22


Thursday I went to spinning and I loved it. It was such a nice change of pace! My favourite instructor was teaching and class was over before I knew it! Friday & Saturday I rested and Sunday I had another interval workout, this time was 4 minutes on pace (goal 9 min) rest 1 repeated 4 times with a 10 minute warm up and cool down. I did 3.52 miles in 39 minutes but didn’t really hit my goal for my intervals:


I1: 9:26
I2: 9:30
I3: 10:07
I4: 10:26


Funny thing was my legs felt fresh and I really enjoyed this run, problem was I didn’t push myself enough. Luckily the Garmin tells the truth no matter what I feel so now I know during this week’s planned interval workout to be more mindful of the pace. Today I also went to Body Pump right after my run! I went with one of my friends and really pushed myself during class. I love the Sunday Body Pump class.


My total mileage this week was fairly low but I got in cross training and strength training so I still felt like I had a really good week. Here is the plan for next week:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) 35 Min   43 min 15 min 35 min   1 hour
Elliptical / Arc (Min)       15 min      
Class    Spinning + Strength   Body Flow     Body Pump


How was your training this week?
What are the temperatures like in your neck of the woods?
How do you keep track of your pace? Do you ever ditch the GPS and just go on feel?

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