Canadian Blogger Series #8: British Columbia

Good morning everyone from the East Coast today I have another post coming to you from the west cost – we have another taste of beautiful BC from Karen who blogs at Toronto Girl West. Seriously with all these gorgeous west coast posts I have got to get out there soon and see it for myself, enjoy!


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Hello Everyone!

My name is Karen and I’m the blogger behind Toronto Girl West. And as I’m sure you gathered, I was a Toronto girl through and through. Until that is, I moved out to British Columbia for law school. And well, let’s just say I never went back.




Why you ask? It was because apart from falling in love with a boy, I also fell head over heels for a province that turned out to be nothing short of spectacular.




Sure I had always heard that BC was beautiful but once I saw how amazing it was I just couldn’t bear to leave the mountains, oceans, and old growth forests.




Aside from gorgeous views, BC is also full of people that love healthy living. In part it’s because it’s a slightly counter-culture tree-hugging kind of place. But it’s also because the weather (at least along the Coast) is temperate most of the year.




But rest assured, if you’re into winter type activities BC has loads of that too!




In short, I hope that you do decide to venture out and discover Canada because it really is a wonderful place! And if you do, please stop by spectacular British Columbia and say hello!




I’ll be the girl having the time of her life!!!


Thanks Karen, be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!! Smile

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