Canadian Blogger Series #7: Manitoba

It’s my favourite day of the week again because I get to post another great post about our beautiful country. This week’s post comes from Stephanie who blogs at Fit Mom in Training. She is showing off the beautiful province of Manitoba. Stephanie is incredibly inspirational, she just recently gave birth and is already posting about body after baby! Talk about motivation! Drop by her blog and say hi and of course congrats on the new baby!

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I live smack dab in central Canada. The prairies. The flat lands. There are some things Manitoba is famous for (super cold winters, super hot summers, the mosquitoes, and the long awaited return of the Jets to NHL hockey->Go Jets Go!) and some things it is infamous for (die hard sports fans, and an epic rivalry with neighbouring Saskatchewan over football bragging rights, for the record, they currently have the upper hand…for now).




images (4)


But what does MY Manitoba look like? All of these things and much, much more. As an avid runner and lover of being outside, I’m often called crazy for braving our sometimes extreme conditions for the sake of a good workout. I’ll admit, it’s not always easy to go for a run when it’s   -40C outside or on a hot summer night when speed work is a matter of survival from the hoards of hungry bugs waiting to pounce. But it doesn’t take much for me to forget the conditions around me and focus on the beautiful scenery instead.


images (1)




Many people would consider prairie living to be dull and remote. After all, we have no hills to climb up, no mountains to ski down and seemingly endless acres of farmers fields. All I can say is nothing can be further from the truth! There is a beauty in this province that remains undiscovered to so many! We have fields, lakes and deserts. Trails, hiking and canoeing abound and the camping is fantastic. I feel so privileged to live somewhere that I can find a sandy beach to lay on, an awesome trail to hike or a new area to bike through without having to book a vacation to get there. This means I can stay active in so many different ways that it’s very hard to get bored with such diversity at your fingertips.




Anyone ever visit Manitoba? I haven’t but would love to one day!

5 thoughts on “Canadian Blogger Series #7: Manitoba

  1. Great post Stephanie! I have visited Winnipeg and found parts of it gorgeous and parts of it not-so-much (just like anywhere!). Your post really does the province some justice!!!

  2. Great insight into Manitoba, I have been once, driving through as a kid, I remember camping at Jelly Stone Park with Yogi Bear!

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