Monday Mantra: Dale Carnegie

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Monday Mantra, to be honest it kind of fell off the rails. I ran out of goals that inspired me so I decided to take a Monday Mantra break for a few weeks to re-evaluate it. I decided that if I had a goal that I was inspired about I could still post it as my Mantra. However, as an addition for a little Monday inspiration I decided I could pick a quote I really liked for whatever reason and use it for inspiration throughout the week. Monday Mantra was my invention so I feel like I have the power to switch it up when I feel like it. I have a rule about blogging, I don’t write unless I feel inspired so I needed a little switch up in the mantra’s to feel the inspiration again!  Smile


So I just got home from the information session on a course I am taking for the next 12 weeks and I am so inspired!! It’s a Dale Carnegie course called Effective Communication and Human Relations. I am so excited about taking this course, a few people from my work are doing it as well and it seems like I’m going to learn a lot as well as have a lot of fun! This course is right up my alley, I love reading and learning about communication and human relations, I work in human resources after all! Smile




There is a lot of reading for this course, but I can’t wait to take it all in! I was googling when I came home about Dale Carnegie and found this quote that I thought would be fitting for this week’s mantra:


“Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude”


I think this is so unbelievably true, you make the choice on whether you are going to be happy or sad, worried, angry, or whatever. Before I start my day I make the choice no matter if I spill my coffee, had a bad run, or nothing was going my way to be happy and positive. Life is just better if you’re are enjoying it. You need to CHOOSE to be happy, once you make the choice? The rest will follow.  Smile 


I plan to remind myself of this mantra throughout the week when I need it the most! Alright, I am off to start digging into those books! Smile I have the perfect accompaniment for reading….guacamole! (PS: new Canadian Blogger Series post coming tomorrow!!).



Anyone ever take a Dale Carnegie course or read one of his books? Thoughts?

Favourite snack while reading?

Do you think happiness is a choice?

7 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Dale Carnegie

    • You’re welcome! You are totally right it is hard to do, I’m the first to admit there are days when I just don’t feel happy, but when you can push through and make the choice generally it makes things better! 🙂

      Have a great week! 🙂

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Heidi, this is WHY I fell in LOVE with you and your posts. Oh sweetheart. I love everyyyyyyything about this. I could tear!!!!!!!!!! I am tearing!!!!!

    Beautiful quote. I definitely live by this quote and remind myself that I AM IN CONTROL of MY thoughts on a daily basis. We have so much power over how we choose to feel 🙂

    Love you girl


  2. I took a Dale Carnegie course after university (this was a long time ago!) and it completely changed the course of my life. So much so that when my daughter graduated, my graduation gift was to enroll her in her own course. They are truly inspiring and I hope you’re enjoying it. Good luck!
    -Jerry by the Sea

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