Nutrition Know How

Look at that gorgeous sunrise, there is nothing better then starting the day watching the sunrise while running. This week has been a great work, running, food, and everything week. I am incredibly thankful. Smile


2012-03-26 06.53.45


I made these tonight for dinner, do yourself a favour and make them asap. Put a slice of Havarti on top and enjoy! They are an incredible veggie burger. I personally think there is nothing better then good homemade veggie burgers that don’t have ingredient lists a mile long. They taste fabulous, freeze well, and make great leftovers. What more could you want!?!


Speaking of things that are good for you I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I eat recently. Last year when I originally lost weight I did it by keeping a journal of what I was eating and calorie counting and it worked well for me. I know for some people calorie counting can become obsessive unhealthy behaviour but I have decided to start doing it again to get a handle on what I am eating and hopefully drop some more weight. This time I am using an app to help me track what I’m eating, My Fitness Pal.


As I started this journey of tracking again I decided that I wouldn’t obsess and would use what I learned as a tool to make myself healthier. I have made some interesting discoveries since I started using this app:


Natural protein, I always wondered if I was getting enough protein so I started adding protein powders to my granola but turns out I don’t need it. I get more then enough without having to use processed powders so that was a useful piece of information.


Iron, like protein I wasn’t sure if I was getting enough in my diet. I don’t eat a ton of meat especially very little red meat. However, since I’ve been tracking I’ve discovered again I get enough.


Sugar, on the negative side of things I am consuming almost triple the amount of sugar I should be. I’m starting to be more mindful of the sugar I am consuming in my diet and making some small changes. It’s hard to do though, sugar is in everything!


Snacking, I snack a lot more then I probably should typically on the weekends so again like sugar I am trying to mindful. It’s so had on the weekends though, I consume way more on the weekends then I do on the weekdays.


I eat fairly well but I feel like this app is really helping me take things to a new level. Hopefully with a few small changes I can see big improvements!


Anyone else try my fitness pal?

How do you keep sugar out of your diet? I need help!

Canadian Blogger Series #10: Alberta

Hi Everyone, I can’t believe we have made it to post #10 of the series! If anyone else would like to contribute to the series please feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an email. I excited to present the first post in the series from Alberta. Smile  I have visited Alberta a few times and can personally say it is beautiful! This post was written by Leigh from the blog All You Need Is Love! Thanks so much Leigh!


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Hi everyone! My name is Leigh and I have a little blog named all you need is love. I started my blog as a way to document my wedding planning and it has slowly but surely morphed into a running, recipes, DIY and CrossFit blog. I am currently living in Calgary, Alberta and loving it!

A little fact about myself is that I grew up in a really small south western Ontario town and was never able to enjoy the mountains. Now that I am living in Calgary, I can’t imagine moving away from them! Nothing beats seeing them on a daily basis on my drive home from work and from my front steps.


Calgary is bustling city, yet has so much to offer. Whether it is a farmers market in the summer or floating down the Bow River or biking along the many bike paths, there are so many things to do here. Let’s just forget the pesky part of it being mighty cold in the winter though 😉

My favourite thing about Calgary is having the mountains less than an hour away from our house. Since living here, my husband and I have taken many day trips into the mountain to mountain bike, hike or ski (for him). It’s hard to say no to a gorgeous hike when you can do it in half a day.






When talking about Calgary, I have to mention the ‘greatest outdoor show on Earth’, or Calgary Stampede as it’s also known. If you have never heard of the Stampede, it is a ten day extravaganza of cowboys, corndogs, rodeos, rides, etc. It is definitely something to check out if you are in the Calgary area between July 6-15, 2012.

Tell me: if you have visited Calgary, what was your favourite thing? If you have never visited, what is one thing you would love to check out?

Ps- if you are in the area on May 27, 2012, feel free to join me in participating in the Calgary Marathon There is a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon…something for everyone! A great way to see the city while getting some exercise clip_image007


Thanks Leigh, check out her blog here! Smile

Training Recap and Plan Mar 26–April 1

I had a really good training week last week. Mostly because I was doing a lot of running and very little on the elliptical side of things. Just the way I like it! Smile Monday was elliptical for 30 minutes, I did 2.84 miles. I did this workout over lunch and forced myself to give it my all just to keep things interesting! It was a great workout, despite the fact that it was on the elliptical. Tuesday I ran outside 3.1 miles in 33 minutes at lunch time, I really pushed myself towards the end because the light at the end of the street was going to change and I wanted to make it. Whatever it takes! Smile 


Wednesday I was waiting for the windchill to warm up so I ran after work but it was still freezing outside. I did an interval workout, warm up was 10 minutes and then I did 8 intervals 40 seconds on 40 rest. Cool down was another 10 minutes. I did 2.7 miles in 31 minutes and I hit my 8:40 interval goal for almost all of the intervals:


I1: 8:30
I2: 8:58
I3: 8:51
I4: 9:14
I5: 8:21
I6: 8:19
I7: 10:42 <– DYING lol
I8: 8:22


Thursday I went to spinning and I loved it. It was such a nice change of pace! My favourite instructor was teaching and class was over before I knew it! Friday & Saturday I rested and Sunday I had another interval workout, this time was 4 minutes on pace (goal 9 min) rest 1 repeated 4 times with a 10 minute warm up and cool down. I did 3.52 miles in 39 minutes but didn’t really hit my goal for my intervals:


I1: 9:26
I2: 9:30
I3: 10:07
I4: 10:26


Funny thing was my legs felt fresh and I really enjoyed this run, problem was I didn’t push myself enough. Luckily the Garmin tells the truth no matter what I feel so now I know during this week’s planned interval workout to be more mindful of the pace. Today I also went to Body Pump right after my run! I went with one of my friends and really pushed myself during class. I love the Sunday Body Pump class.


My total mileage this week was fairly low but I got in cross training and strength training so I still felt like I had a really good week. Here is the plan for next week:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes) 35 Min   43 min 15 min 35 min   1 hour
Elliptical / Arc (Min)       15 min      
Class    Spinning + Strength   Body Flow     Body Pump


How was your training this week?
What are the temperatures like in your neck of the woods?
How do you keep track of your pace? Do you ever ditch the GPS and just go on feel?

Review: Mile Markings

I read this book, over the course of 2 days. I simply could not put it down. I found though I live a very different life from the book’s author that I could relate a lot to what she wrote about. She is a mother of three children and very experienced runner,  I am childless and just at the beginning of my hopefully long running career. Though there was a universal reach in a lot of what she wrote about, because as women who run, we all have a lot in common.




The chapters are broken down into the 26.2 reasons why women run. Each section had small stories within it it, almost like reading a blog. Probably one of the reasons I loved the book from the first sentence! Smile While this is a book on running it also covers various other topics. I want to share with you a few of my favourite quotes from my favourite sections:


On Freedom: Running is the one thing that allows me to be everything I need to be for everyone else and not resent it.With so many time constraints and limits and rules and routines in the hectic pace of daily life, we need another place where we can set our own pace, even if it’s just for 5 miles. We need a simple and acceptable route to freedom. We need to shake it off.

Boy could I ever relate to that! If I don’t fit a workout into my life for a few days, watch out! I literally turn into a different person. I am irritable and generally just not fun to be around. Running and exercise allows me to shake it off and take time for myself. If I don’t get that into my day I am of no good to anyone around me.


On Hills: I will give less energy to dread. I will trust my training. I will do my best not to be afraid.

I am trying more and more lately to not be afraid when it comes to speed and hills. I am trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I always have had an issue with this but more and more I am challenging my own worries and just going for it. You get out of it what you put into to it.


On Balance: I am realizing that when I put my energy into the things I already designated as priorities, it seems like everything falls into proper order. Contentment resides in the sweet spot of doing the right things with our best effort and energy available in the moment – and being comfortable with the fact that this changes.

Life is a balancing act – but I do find that when I make time for the things that are most important everything tends to go a little smoother! Smile 


I adored this book, if you haven’t read it check it out asap!



If you’ve read Mile Markers what are your thoughts?

Do you relate to any of my favourite quotes?

A Week In Running

I am past due for a training update … my apologies. I had a bad week last week! The running went great the cross-training did not. I have had an awful lack of motivation lately, running is coming mostly easy but the rest of it not so much. I won’t say much about last week except to say that I am glad it is done!! Smile 


2011-08-20 13.20.35

I can’t WAIT for weather like this!



This week I decided I needed to shake things up, I decided me and my friend the elliptical needed to take a break. It was to the point that I was dreading getting on it and what’s the point in that? Cross-training is super important so I decided to switch things up and tomorrow I’ll be heading back to spinning. I am super excited for a change in pace! I also switched up my running route this week. I have been running in a new area around work that I really like and get this, I have been running up the hills on this route. I enjoy a good hill challenge!


I always find March to be a rough month, close enough to spring that you can taste it but still too cold to believe winter is over. I guess my lack of fitness motivation is spilling over into the blog. I’ve been MIA a lot lately but I am going back on a regular blogging schedule now that my motivation is returning, slowly but surely!


I discussed race options with my friend the running coach last week as an effort to kick start my motivation and it looks like my first race will my a June 8K. I am not back in racing shape yet so no April race for sure, we’ll see what May brings. I’ll be getting back into regular training in about 2 weeks. Currently I am in the post-injury return to running phase. It’s been great but I am ready for a challenge! Bring it. Smile


I am going to leave you with this quote that sums up my last couple of weeks well, from Kristin Armstrong’s Mile Markers:


“Running is no different then any other close relationship. We have our fair share of love/hates. We have our times of passion and our times of plateau. We have times of connectedness and times of parallel lives. We have times of courting and times of commitment. Like all significant relationships, we have to nurture and respect the union if we want it to stand the test of time. Like all significant relationships, it is always worth the effort”


Anyone else have issues with motivation in March?

How is your training going?

When is your next race?

How do you shake up your routine?

Canadian Blogger Series #9: New Brunswick & Toronto

We’ve seen a lot of other provinces in this series, and they have been beautiful, but this is our first little piece of Atlantic Canada and I am so excited to share it with you! Being an east coast girl myself – I am very proud to share this side of Canada with you all! This week Cynthia from Cynthia’s Adventures shares with us her experiences from New Brunswick and Toronto. Drop by her blog and say hi!

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8. British Columbia by Karen from Toronto Girl West

A little piece of 2 provinces!


Hello Everyone! When I was first asked to talk about where I was from I did not know which one to choose as I grew up in New Brunswick and moved to Ontario about 7 years ago. So, here’s a little bit of both worlds.


Let’s start with New Brunswick. If you have never been to NB, what are you waiting for!?! This place is known for its beauty and tranquility Smile Oh, do I miss this place some days! (Only some days!)


My husband and I will go back “home” a few times a year and it is so peaceful! This past Christmas while we were there, it had snowed quite a bit and the trees were full of fresh white powder. We went snowshoeing and it was like we were in our own little paradise!




Compare that to the weather we saw this winter in Toronto and I swear at some point the flowers were blooming in December. Not the case in NB, as just last week the schools were closed for yet another snowstorm!


I wasn’t a runner when I lived in NB, actually, I could barely run to the street corner. I hated it with a passion and would rather go rollerblading, biking, swimming, play basketball and basically anything else that would bring me outside.


Now, being in Toronto, ON has totally changed the person I was then to what I am now. I still love the outdoors but I find I have less time to relax and truly enjoy these activities. I have found a new love in running and biking so at least that keeps me sane.







Now, I know this is short and sweet but please don’t hesitate to ask me more about New Brunswick and Toronto and I will try my best to answer your questions!


Thanks Cynthia! Feel free to ask her any questions you have in the comments section.

Anyone ever visit the east coast, share your thoughts!

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal in Newfoundland, being a Murphy myself, well lets just say it doesn’t get any more Irish then that. We started the day off yesterday with breakfast at an Irish Bar Greensleeves with my parents downtown.




I came home and went on a run in PLUS temperatures. SO amazing. My run was really good, I downloaded some new tunes and just enjoyed. It was much needed. After that I headed to a friends house for a St. Patrick’s Day party. Lets just say there was dancing, green beer, and green food involved, so my mouth today is still green. Lets hope that’s gone before work tomorrow or I may have some explaining to do. Winking smile 


I’ll be back a little later with a training recap!


How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Canadian Blogger Series #8: British Columbia

Good morning everyone from the East Coast today I have another post coming to you from the west cost – we have another taste of beautiful BC from Karen who blogs at Toronto Girl West. Seriously with all these gorgeous west coast posts I have got to get out there soon and see it for myself, enjoy!


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7. Manitoba by Jaime from Embracing Balance


Hello Everyone!

My name is Karen and I’m the blogger behind Toronto Girl West. And as I’m sure you gathered, I was a Toronto girl through and through. Until that is, I moved out to British Columbia for law school. And well, let’s just say I never went back.




Why you ask? It was because apart from falling in love with a boy, I also fell head over heels for a province that turned out to be nothing short of spectacular.




Sure I had always heard that BC was beautiful but once I saw how amazing it was I just couldn’t bear to leave the mountains, oceans, and old growth forests.




Aside from gorgeous views, BC is also full of people that love healthy living. In part it’s because it’s a slightly counter-culture tree-hugging kind of place. But it’s also because the weather (at least along the Coast) is temperate most of the year.




But rest assured, if you’re into winter type activities BC has loads of that too!




In short, I hope that you do decide to venture out and discover Canada because it really is a wonderful place! And if you do, please stop by spectacular British Columbia and say hello!




I’ll be the girl having the time of her life!!!


Thanks Karen, be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!! Smile

Training Recap & Workout Plan Mar 12 – 18

I did it again, I disconnected and ignored the world all weekend. This time I didn’t even have internet access. We headed out of town Friday and just got back this evening and it was lovely. I finished a book and read the entirety of another, I started Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong and could not put it down. It was amazing and every woman who runs should read it. I’ll do a full review this week. Anyways other then that I ran, napped, and ate this weekend. It was exactly what I needed. I purposely took the last 2 weekends off from life because I have a lot of hectic weekends coming up! They will be fun for sure but I just needed a little down time! Smile 


I had a great training week, it started on Monday with my usual elliptical. I did 3.5 miles in 35 minutes. Tuesday I had a great morning run outside, I really enjoyed it. I did the entire 40 minutes at easy pace though, forgetting entirely that it was supposed to be an interval workout. Opps! I’ll learn to read my schedule more closely next time. I did 3.7 miles in 4o minutes and then headed to work happy and very awake!


2012-03-06 07.31.53

Wednesday I worked from home because of a blizzard. Thankfully it cleared up in the evening and I made it out for 2.8 miles in 30 minutes. I spent a lot of the time trying to find clear roads so it wasn’t an enjoyable run but I got it done. Thursday was a half treadmill / half elliptical workout. I did a total 3. 7 miles in 40 minutes between the two. I was feeling stressed out and tense before I started, the run really helped me shake it off. I did a body flow class after with my favourite instructor which was exactly what the doctor ordered.


Friday as usual was a rest day. Saturday we were out of town so I ran around Fox Harbour managing 4 miles in 42 minutes. I was so happy, that was the longest distance I have run in a long time. It was pretty chilly out so when I got back to the house I had a hot shower and a hot cup of coffee. Seriously, there is nothing better then a hot shower and coffee after a long cold Saturday run. I promptly fell asleep while reading Mile Markers shortly after. Smile Pure bliss.

Sunday was supposed to be another half outside / half elliptical workout. I didn’t have access to an elliptical where I was so I opted to do the whole thing outside. I did 4.7 miles in 50 minutes, I had planned to do 5 miles but started getting some cramping in my quad towards the end so I decided not to try my luck (or my IT bands). It was still a great run though, again I got back to the house and did the same shower, coffee, nap routine. It was once again AMAZING! I just love running seaside. Smile


2012-03-10 15.33.24


Overall, GREAT week. 24 miles total 18 of them running plus 60 minutes of yoga! I missed strength training this week due to the blizzard so the plan is to get it in early this week! Smile Here is the plan:

Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)   40 min 30 min     30 min REST
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 20 min     40 min 30 Min    
Class      Body Pump Body Flow   Body Pump  



Hopefully this week is as good as last week. Seems like I am FINALLY getting in a good block of spring training. Hopefully it keeps up! Smile 

What’s your after workout weekend routine?

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Share!

Best book you’ve read recently? I always like to add things to my “to read” list!

What I Ate Wednesday #11

Only in Newfoundland can you go from this (picture from yesterday’s run):


2012-03-06 07.32.09


To this in just 24 short hours (picture from today’s run):


2012-03-07 17.54.28


We had a massive 22cm dropped on us overnight. Combined with wind we were buried this morning! So I decided to stay safe (and warm) and work from home. I was actually really productive. The sun came out in the afternoon so around 5:30 I decided not to waste the remaining minutes of daylight and headed out for a run. It was cold and the roads weren’t in great condition but I still enjoyed it.


And now it’s time for the WIAW party! Smile  This week WIAW is going GREEN! Smile I didn’t have a very green day of eats this week, hopefully I’ll do better next week!



I started my day with baked oatmeal – no bananas on this batch! I had sunflower butter on top and it was delicious.



For lunch I had breakfast number 2, eggs and toast! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day after all. After lunch I had my latest creation – peanut butter banana granola bars (recipe below), you need to make these asap. They are sooo good!




Peanut Butter Banana Granola Bars (Makes 10)

  • 2 cups oats
  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter
  • 3 tbsp ground flax + 1/4 water
  • 4 scoops protein
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 mashed banana
  • Cooking spray


Heat oven to 375 degrees. Mix water and flax and set aside. Mix oats, protein, baking powder, and salt. In a separate bowl mix peanut butter, flax mixture, vanilla extract, honey and banana. Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients, add in chocolate chips and mix well. Spray square pan with cooking spray and flatten mixture into pan smoothing with a spoon to ensure the bars are flat. Bake 15 minutes and allow to cool before cutting into 10 even bars. Wrap individually in plastic wrap and store in the fridge. I usually make these on Sunday and we eat them all week.


For dinner I had bruschetta and chicken meatball soup, a warm meal on a cold day!




Favourite granola bar? Other then homemade my favourite are cliff bars!

Favourite cold weather meal?

Do you still have snow or has spring started?