Workout Recap and Training Plan Feb 27 – Mar 4

Last week was pretty successful for the most part. Monday I did 3 miles on the elliptical followed by an hour of yoga. I think yoga really helped stretch out my legs, they felt great afterwards. Tuesday I did 3.5 miles on the elliptical and then Body Pump. I was really into the class and upped my weights a little. Wednesday I went on a lunchtime run in the sunshine, it was such a great way to break up my day, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed 3 miles in 32 minutes and did 5 minutes of speed work at the end. The picture below is from the lunchtime run by my work, isn’t the view gorgeous?


2012-02-22 12.05.59


Thursday and Friday I rested and my legs loved it. Smile Saturday I was exhausted from Friday night’s adventures but still managed 2.77 very exhausting miles in the fog and hail. Typical Newfoundland weather. Sunday I was supposed to do elliptical but the thought of getting on the elliptical made me get bored just thinking about it, so I switched things up with 30 minutes in the pool and swam a slow 800m. It did my mind and body good!


This week I managed 16 miles total between running and elliptical, strength training, yoga, and cross-training. Did I stick to the plan fully? Definitely not! But I am still very pleased! Smile Here is the plan for this week:


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)     36 min   REST 20 min  
Elliptical / Arc (Min) 30 min 35 min   30 min   20 min 40 min
Class        Body Flow   Yoga Body Pump


The plan of attack here is take a little recovery early in the week and ramp things up towards the end. I already completed Monday’s workout so I am ahead already! Smile


How many times a week do you try and fit in strength training, yoga, and/or cross-training?

Do you workout at lunchtime?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap and Training Plan Feb 27 – Mar 4

  1. Sounds like a well-rounded week 🙂 I have recently been confined to ONLY pilates and swimming due to my knees, which makes for a really ridiculously boring workout routine. I try to get in 4 days a week of some kind of exercise, though.

    • Are you allowed to do water jogging? I used to do that a bit when I wasn’t allowed to run. It looks kind of funny but it can break up the monotony of swimming!! : )

      Hope your knees heal soon!!

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