11 Random Things

This was my view when I woke up this morning, foggy but beautiful.






Bruce won a nights-stay at a local hotel and it actually expired in November (we forgot about it) but they allowed us to use our certificate anyways! So last night we headed out for a night on the town with friends and stayed downtown in the hotel. It was a really fun night! Smile


I woke up this morning feeling the effects of a late night but still managed to go out for my planned run and did 2.77 very long miles. My legs and back felt good but I did not, oh well you win some you lose some!


Anyways on to the real purpose of this post, 11 random things! Thank-you to Jaime from Embracing Balance who wrote my guest post on Tuesday from tagging me to post 11 random things about myself. I love reading these things so I am happy to oblige. Who doesn’t want to write 11 things about themself!?! haha Smile



  1. Post these rules.
  2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the person who tagged you set for you in their post.
  4. Tag 11 new people to participate.
  5. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  6. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.


1. My favourite colour is purple, I have purple everything! I can’t get enough!

2. Pizza and pasta are my 2 most favourite foods, though I am Irish I secretly think I have some Italian in me somewhere due to my love of all Italian carbs!

3. The best way to spend a Saturday in my opinion is a big breakfast then heading out on a long run followed by foam rolling, coffee drinking, and blog reading. Smile

4. I currently think my foam roller is the best thing to ever happen to my IT bands.

5. My taste buds have changed a ton in the last 5 years. Things I used to hate: wine, onion, and anything spicy. Things I now love: see last sentence.

6. My dream career was once to be a journalist. I now know that wasn’t the career for me but blogging allows me the flex my writing skills!

7. I managed the business side of a student newspaper for a year last year, ironic considering number 6.

8. My current favourite local restaurant is the Gypsy Tea Room.

9. I thought people who wore Lululemon were ridiculous for spending so much money on workout gear. Then I started running and have seen the light!

10. There is nothing more satisfying then crossing something off a “To Do” list. In fact in the past I have written things on my list that I have already done just so I could cross them off (I have issues).

11. I do all of my best thinking while running (and while drinking wine Smile).


Jaime’s Questions:

  1. Black or white? Black as the majority of my wardrobe is black.
  2. Day or night? Day, I love sunshine and all the things you can accomplish during the day. The feeling of productivity makes me happy!
  3. Spring or Fall? Spring, nothing better then the feeling of summer on the way! Also the time of the first race of the year!
  4. Bacon or ham? Bacon, no contest!
  5. Scrambled or over-easy? Over-easy, I am lactose intolerant so I generally can’t eat scrambled.
  6. Vanilla latte or black coffee? Black coffee of course, nothing better then a good cup of coffee!
  7. Dogs or cats? Cats, I always had a cat growing up so I am more drawn to them.
  8. Attached or single? Attached Smile
  9. Beer or wine? Wine!
  10. iPhone or Android? iPhone, I own an Android but I am switching hopefully next month.
  11. Fruit or veggies? Fruit but it really depends on my mood.


Okay I am tagging: Lisa from Smores N More, Leigh from All You Need is Love, Jessica from What Would Jessica Eat, Whitney from Live, Run, Love Yoga, Christine from These Happy Miles, Ashley from Sneakers & Beakers, Kristy from Green Eyed Sneakers, Cynthia from Cynthia’s Adventures and anyone else who hasn’t been tagged! Go ahead I tag YOU!


My Questions:

1. Favourite TV show?

2. Real book or e-book?

3. Where have you traveled?

4. Favourite way to sweat?

5. Favourite magazine?

6. Favourite dessert?

7. What’s your ideal way to spend a Saturday?

8. Favourite hot beverage?

9. Early or late riser?

10. Can’t live without beauty product?

11. What’s the name of the first blog you ever read?


4 thoughts on “11 Random Things

  1. Nicely done!! 🙂 I agree on lululemon. I used to wonder what all the fuss was about, but I have workout gear from there that has lasted me years and years!

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