Canadian Blogger Series #5: British Columbia

Happy Pancake Day everyone! Today’s post comes all the way from the West coast of Canada, from Jaime who blogs at Embracing Balance. Smile BC is on my list of places I want to visit within the next few years. Jaime’s post with the stunning pictures makes me want to even more so! From me alll the way out on the East coast, thanks for sharing a little slice of BC with us Jaime!

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Hi everyone! Thanks so much for reading and supporting the Canadian Blogger Series, and an extra big thank you to Heidi for hosting us!


Over the past five years my blog and my life have moved from coast to coast and back again! I grew up on Vancouver Island in BC, lived eight years in Victoria, then moved to Halifax for a few years, and now I’m back in Victoria again. I’ve seen a good part of our huge and beautiful country due to that return move and I can honestly say that although I found a lot of amazing scenery and people along the way, Victoria is where it’s at!




No where else in Canada can claim as mild a climate as we here in Victoria can. With the exception of the odd snowstorm once or twice per Winter, and our fair share of rain we can find ourselves happily outdoors almost every day. Rain is just an excuse to splash in puddles and buy cute boots anyway!

I mean honestly, it’s mid-February and I just went out to the gym in just a hoodie and yoga pants.




It’s just so darn pretty! 🙂 Maybe I’m biased but would my pictures lie to you?






Of course I’m enthralled by the food. Whether you want to eat out with friends, enjoy a romantic picnic in one of our bazillion parks, or just love to grocery shop like I do Victoria has it covered. All year round we have farmer’s markets, organic grocery shops, multiple micro breweries, award winning coffees, nationally renowned bistros, more cooking classes than you can imagine and of course there’s a variety of tempting bakeries and delicious cheese shops.




Mmmmm….cheese. Oh hi! Sorry cheese is distracting.

When faced with the decision of whether to continue my Halifax adventure, possibly move somewhere else, or to come back to Victoria the decision was pretty easy. As a good friend told me…I’d been homesick since I left and this is where I needed to be.

I have amazing friends, a lovely social media community, supportive family and all the fresh air I can breathe. Add to that the ability to walk my dog any day of the year, and the opportunity to drink a different local beer every weekend and I’m a very happy girl.



If you want to learn more about little ol’ me please pop on over to my blog Embracing Balance for a visit. 🙂 And if you are ever heading to Victoria, please look me up!


Anyone ever visit Victoria?

What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend? I love Jaime’s idea of tasting a different local beer every weekend!! Smile