For Sherry



I woke up today unbelievably hungover, I had a work party last night so I had pounding headache when I woke up. However, headache or not I was not willing to throw in the towel on my run for Sherry.  After reading about the  terrible things that happened to Sherry it really struck a cord with me. This run to me was about showing how something good can come from something so awful. To me the fact that the  running community can come together and turn this awful act into something positive shows that Sherry’s death was not in vain, she will live on in the miles we run each and everyday.




In addition to running for Sherry this run marks the first time I ran in over a month since my injuries. I headed out with the goal to run most of 10 minutes and walk the rest of the time. It seems like such a small goal, but for me accomplishing it was huge. I managed 2.04 miles in 29 minutes. My slowest ever I am sure, but getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other felt so good. It came back to me like riding a bike. Running my first miles in a month for Sherry was so fitting, I felt like running was bringing me back to life, it was healing. I thought of Sherry and her family the entire time.


2012-02-11 15.45.40


2012-02-11 15.46.28


I hope the healing I felt today gets passed along to Sherry’s family. What happened to Sherry was so unfair, unfair to her and those who loved her. Today the running community showed the world that with darkness there comes light, we turned something negative into something positive. Rest in peace Sherry, you will always be remembered.


Did you run for Sheri today? If so share your posts, I’d love to read them.


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