A Winter Activity

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet for a few days. I have a reason, I did something really stupid and then I got really cranky about it for a good 2 days. I’m over it now, kinda. I started my plank challenge Monday and did great with it for 2 days, on Wednesday when I did my plank in Body Pump I let my form go out of exhaustion and let a slope form in my lower back. I know better then this, I felt the pull before I could correct my form. I’ve been on the heating pad ever since trying to make the pain go away. I swear to you I am cursed. Just as I get my legs in working order I do something stupid. Anyways I haven’t worked out since and I am hoping the soreness is gone by Sunday. End of story.


So we have a huge Nor’easter on the way to our little island. The snow will be starting shortly and is expected to last into early Sunday with blizzard conditions so we’ll be stuck in the house for the rest of the weekend. This is storm number 3 for us this week so we have tons of snow! So with that in mind we decided tonight to head out for some weekend fun as we would be stuck in the house all weekend. We started the night off at Boston Pizza to celebrate 2 of our friends birthdays with Pizza and wings!


After that we met up with some other friends for night-time cross-country skiing in the local city park. It was the first time I had done it and it was so much fun. I am not much of a winter activity person, I like skating but usually only go once a year if I am lucky. That’s about the extent of my winter activities, I know I am Canadian but I prefer to curl up with a book inside rather then be cold. That being said I really enjoyed cross-country skiing tonight!






It was a gorgeous, clear, and calm night. I worked up a good sweat as well once I got going. I will admit I am not the best at it, unlike most people I know I’ve never downhill skied and I am nervous of even the smallest of hills. I fell on every single hill tonight except the last one, I was starting to get the hang of it by then. These hills are so small downhill skiers would laugh at them I am sure but they were tough for me! Anyways despite my falling I really had a blast with friends enjoying a winter activity! Who would have known I’d have fun in the cold. Smile




After we left the park we hit up Starbucks to warm up and then stopped by a friend’s party. Generally after working all week my Friday nights are really low-key but tonight was so much fun and such a wide variety of activities! I am glad we got out of the house to enjoy some of the weekend. I would say any minute we will see the start of the snow. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning, reading, and blogging! Smile


For the locals: I skied in Pippy Park which offers night-time skiing and snowshoeing Friday and Saturday from 6-10, rentals are $4/hour. I will be trying snow shoeing before the winter is over!

Do you enjoy winter activities?

Do you fall when you ski downhill?

What are your weekend plans? Any weather headed your way?

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