Monday Mantra: Everyday Be Planking

As usual Ill start off with an update about last week. This mantra was really fun, every night I wrote 5 things in my journal I was thankful for. I really found it was a great way to not only reflect on my day but also to stay positive. I found myself randomly throughout the week thinking to myself, X is awesome I am adding this to the thankful list. For example, tonight while swimming I had the whole lane to myself. If you swim you know how great this is, it’s not that I am anti-social, I am awful at going straight doing the back stroke! haha Empty lane means I get to swim in the middle all I want! Some highlights from my list:


1. New sneakers

2. Grape tomatoes

3. TV on the internet

4. Lipgloss

5. Slippers

6. Rest days

7. Snow days

8. Wine

9. Pizza

10. Saturdays


Funny now that I read back through them all I notice a lot of focus on food! Smile Anyways I thought this mantra was a nice positive way to end the day, I’ll be keeping it up!


Monday Mantra: Everyday Be Planking 


Source: Pinterest

I have that song stuck in my head and now you do to (you’re welcome)! So I wanted to try and work on my plank for a while but I hate doing planks in Body Pump so why would I try and do them at home? I thought about it today (while swimming) and the major reason I keep getting injuries seems to be I have a weak core, quads, and glutes! So I figured I’d work on the core aspect by working on my plank. So I am going to time my plank everyday and see if it improves. I don’t have a set goal in mind but I’d like to get closer to 2 minutes by next Monday. I did my first one today and managed 1:04 (I am WEAK), ya gotta start somewhere!


Your turn! What’s your goal (#MondayMantra) for this week?

What’s the longest plank you can do?

What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Everyday Be Planking

  1. I just started a plank challenge this weekend too! I surprised myself with 2 minutes on my first try and 3 minutes today.
    I am thankful for the weather, its been beautiful!

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