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Happy weekend friends! I had a great week, but I am glad the weekend is here!! : ) Today was a rest day for me so I enjoyed it to the fullest. My muscles are really sore from training starting again, but it’s the good kind of sore, not the injured kind! Smile


I’ve been wanting to do this post for a little while but I had to compile my list first. Like many people my age, I love to aimlessly surf around the internet on the most random of sites. However, over the past year I have a few favourite running websites that I thought I’d share with you:


1. Runners World Quote of the Day

I love quotes and don’t remember how I found this but there is nothing more motivating then to wake up for an early morning workout and get a kick in the butt via email. Late at night the wonderful people at Runner’s World send out a motivational quote and it’s there when you wake up. How cool is that? Sign up now! I also love Runner’s World website in general and subscribe to the magazine. I really loved today’s quote given my recent circumstances:



2. Rock My Run

If you have music ADD like I do this is the site for you. I am a perpetual song changer so this works perfectly for me, it’s a mash-up of music for a specific amount of time for a specified BPM. Downloads go by the credit system, you get so many free credits per month, but I find that I like to listen to these over and over because they don’t get worn out like a new song can. I discovered this site one day when I realized at work that I forgot my iPod to go to the gym and I needed music on my iPad to run to. It was almost a silent running tragedy, Rock My Run saved the day, I live a hard life I know.


3. Map My Run

This one is great if you don’t have a Garmin or if you are looking for a new route. Local runners save their routes and you can see how long your mapped route is without the aid of GPS. Though now that I have a Garmin I’ll never live without it, this is still useful to switch up my route!


4. Daily Mile

This one is like Twitter for runners. You not only get to be social with like-minded people but you also have a cool tool to track everything! I use the app Tracks 2 Miles to load my workouts right from my phone. I love this site, I am on it everyday checking out what workouts people are logging.




5. NLAA (for the locals)

This is the local running association with lots of great info and a calendar of all the local races. Now I just need to decide my racing schedule for this year and pick a half-marathon! : )


What’s your favourite running / healthy living website?

Do you use any of these?

Have you decided on a race schedule for 2012 or are you struggling like me?


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