Ready, Set, GO!

In a lot of ways this last week has felt like a race taper. I read once that the taper forces you to recover so that you can start a race like a caged animal. Well, I am that caged animal except for rather then take off and race I have to slowly make my way back from yet another injury. I have learned my lessons this time around. My sneaker fitting is Tuesday, I am bringing back yoga and strength training this week plus lots of cross training and pretty much no running. I am ready for this week, I am ready to get back to training!


Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Sunday
Run (Minutes)         REST 30 min outside  
Elliptical / Arc (Min)   30 min   25 min      
Class      Spinning Body Pump   Body Flow Body Pump
Swimming 40 min Body Flow          


So this week has a lot of variety! I am fulfilling one of my resolutions to try a new class, spinning on Wednesday! I am really excited about that. I am getting back in the pool tomorrow to ease my leg back into exercising again and I can’t wait. It’s been months since I’ve been in a pool. I found out there is a lane swim at the pool next to my work so it actually works out to be pretty convenient. All that plus elliptical, strength training, and yoga rounds out a great week. Friday if the snow sticks around I am going night cross-country skiing with some friends so that should be a lot of fun for an active rest-day. Finally, I am crossing my fingers for a SLOW 30 minute run outside Saturday that will only happen if my legs are up to it. By Saturday it will be over 2 weeks since I last ran I certainly will be ready to go!


What’s on your training plan this week?

Favourite winter activity?

What’s your favourite way to cross-train?


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