What I Ate Wednesday #7

Remember Monday when I said I would be climbing the walls mid-week because I couldn’t run? Welcome to mid-week – I am ready to lose my mind. lol My new Lululemon Run for It tights arrived today and I’m not allowed to run for it. I feel like making a run for it that’s for sure! haha Anyways let’s get to it shall we, I might as well do something to occupy myself, time for What I Ate Wednesday!




I started my day with a new kind of Kashi, Honey Almond Flax, and OJ. I am really living on the edge these days. haha It was actually really good though, I was full all morning and didn’t snack so I really enjoyed it! I ate breakfast while reading the latest edition of Runner’s World and checking email.



For lunch I had a bowl of left over turkey soup and a whole wheat English Muffin. For an afternoon snack I had a Greek yogurt and a small piece of chocolate cake that was at work.



For dinner Bruce made a rice bowl with chicken sausage, brown rice, peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms. It was spicy and really yummy! I had to cut up the pictures in this post because I accidently photographed the magazine with my address on it and I don’t want stalkers so I apologize for the photos!!


What was the best thing you ate today?

Do you find it hard to resist treats at work?

Favourite cereal?

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